V. W. Sargent Letter Dec. 26, 1863
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Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

Memphis Tenn Dec 26th, 1863

Dear Parents

I received your letter of the 11th which found me well as usual and still at Memphis. Yesterday was Cristmas ??????? although we had no big dinner. We had considerable fun. I will send my likeness as soon as I can get it taken. You spoke about me sending home some blankets. I will geather ?????????spring and ??????? shall nead all I can get this winter and when I go home if I ever do I will buy up a lot of them and take home. I have drawn two new ones this winter and have got that quilt yet that I took from home.

The reason you did not get anny letters from me for so long a time was because I did not write them. That was while I was at Vicksburg. I was gorn two weeks and had no chance to write while I was gorn. As I was down on the levy the other day there was a squad of gorillies run in onto the ferry boat as she landed on the other side of the river. Killed one man and captured two and got off with them. They sent two companyes over but they did not catch them. The gunboat shelled the woods all night to keep them from coming back.

I was glad to hear that Mother was getting well. It seams that there has ben more sickness in family once I left than thare ever was before.

It seams as though I could see you all and tell how you look but Herbert & Alberti. They was so small that I forget how they look. I presume you all think more about me than I do about you for I am always runing around seeing something new every day and always in a crowd but when I am on picket I have plenty of time to think. Two hours at a stretch

I will not send anny money in this letter. I think we will get pay first of next month. There is some talk of raising the soldiers pay to 15 or 18 dollars. I don't care how quik they do that. We havenot had anny snow here yet or any signes of anny. It is a raining a little today but as I have nothing to do I don't care but I should like to have it stop before tomorrow morning beans I have to go on picket tomorrow.

We have drawn new tents since we came here. There is three in the tent with me. All young fellows like myself. We have got our tent raised up so we have considerable room.

Excuse bad wrighting. I will clows for now by bidding you all Good By from your son

V.W. Sargent

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