V. W. Sargent Letter Aug. 13, 1864
27th Iowa Top Banner

Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

NOTE: The bottom 1/3 of all three pages of this letter are missing. TB

Keokuk Iowa Aug 13th, 1864

Dear Brother James

I now sit down to try my hand in wrighting a few lines to you although I have wrote to you since I got one from you but have moved my headquarters since then. Am at Keokuk Iowa. Came here a few days ago. I havent had anny letter from anny one


I am going to get to my regt as soon as I can. I don't think there is much chance of me getting a furlough and I am in a hurry to get out of the hospital. I never did like a hospital. In fact I never was in one before and never want to be again. I supose you have found out how soldiering goes by this time. I hurd you


My health is good and my leg has got wel. Hope this will find you in good health and good spirits. I will close now. Write as soon as you


Give my specks to all enquiring friends.


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