James B. King Letter July 30, 1864
27th Iowa Top Banner

This letter written by James B. King
27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company E,
was transcribed and submitted by Barbara King.

Camp near Memphis, Tenn
Saturday 30 July 1864

Dear Cousin Beck,

Your letter of 12th July was received on the 25th.

We have been on a hard, hot march of nearly 200 miles since I wrote to you last. We went from here out about 50 miles East of Rail Road, and from there we marched down to Tupelo in Mississippi and back again.

We were 17 days marching or fighting. We were in two fights--at Tupelo and Old Town Creek. In all of the expedition our Regiment had two killed and over 20 wounded--one or two of them have since died. Sergt Everall was hurt the worst of any in Co "E". He was shot in the right side of his face, slivering his lower jaw badly and knocking out several teeth. I escaped entirely unhurt and in good health.

We have been in Memphis since the 23rd of July. I don't know how long we shall stay or where we shall go to next, but it looks like we were going out on the Rail Road toward Corinth [Mississippi] again. They are busy repairing the Road out in that direction.

The weather has been much pleasanter during the past week, but while we were on the march the weather was awful hot. It is still very dry and dusty. I have been good health.

I send kind regards to all friends and love to you.

Truly your Cousin,

James B. King

This is the last of the letters from James B. King