James B. King Letter July 1, 1863
27th Iowa Top Banner

This letter written by James B. King
27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company E,
was transcribed and submitted by Barbara King.

Moscow Tenn I July 1863

Dear Cousin Beck,

I received your letter of June 23 yesterday.

I am sorry that you don't get all of my letters. I know I don't get 3 letters from you for every one I write if you do write them. Matt thought I ought to write 3 to him for every one he writes to me. If he would only write anything maybe I ought, but such little short letters as his don't deserve any answer at all. I sometimes write more to him in one letter than all he has written to me put together.

The weather is too hot to write letters now. I think I would have a good enough excuse if I didn't write another letter until next October--but I guess I'll try to write a few letters to you in that time. When the sun don't shine down hot enough to melt the buttons off our coats--then it rains. We had 16 rainy days in June.

The health of the boys is pretty good for this time of year. Sergeant Allyn [William M. Allyn] has been rather unwell for a few days but not dangerously. I have good health.

We don't do much drilling now--it's too hot.--in fact it is too hot to tell the truth.

There are only a few of Co E sick now--none in the hospital.Hiram Ashline had a rather severe attack of croup a day or two ago--better now. I believe the rest of your friends are well. Silas [Angier] keeps fat and hearty.

Please give my love to friends generally--particularly to your own family and to my sister.

Love affectionate Cousin

James B. King

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