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Civil War Vets Gather at Turn of Century

6 Vets

Submitted by David Beck

This information was in the Guttenberg Press. The article came from a two-part special edition the paper put out in 1975. They collected photos and stories from local people.

Six of Clayton County's Civil War veterans gathered for this photo sometime in the late 1800's or early years of the 1900's.  Veryl Abbott, Guttenberg, supplied the picture and following biographical sketches compiled at the time of the picture taking.

Back row, left to right:

John Anderegg - born June 12, 1824 in Switzerland, came to America in 1845 and to Clayton County in 1853.  In 1862 he became a second lieutenant in Company D of the 27th Iowa Infantry regiment and in 1864 was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.  Following the war, he served as an undersheriff from 1870 to 1877 and after that time became an auctioneer and insurance agent in Guttenberg.

Charles Scheder - born Jan. 2, 1826 in Germany, immigrated to Clayton County in 1851.  From 1862 to 1865 he served in the 27th Iowa Infantry regiment, attaining a rank of sergeant in Company D.  He was from 1876 to 1880 the county land surveyor and from 1880 to 1884 was county recorder.  In his next three years he returned to a quieter life and lived with relatives, pursuing land surveying around Elkader as a private surveyor.

John Kirchbeeler - came to this world on May 12, 1831 in Germany and lived there until he came to America in 1851.  He came to Clayton County in 1855.  From 1862 through 1864 he served in Company D of the 27th Iowa Infantry regiment and then was dismissed with full honor.  Now he has retired and lives in Guttenberg.

Frederick Duwe - was born July 4, 1837 in his homeland of Germany, then came to America in 1853, coming directly to Clayton County.  He served from 1862 to 1865 with Company D of the 27th Iowa Infantry regiment and after the war was discharged with full honor.

Front Row:

Henry Schorg - was born August 27, 1837 and in 1857 came to America.  In 1862, from Clayton County, he enlisted in Company D of the 27th Iowa Infantry regiment and in 1865 was honorably dismissed.  Presently he lives on a farm near Guttenberg.

Frederick Saeugling - was born in 1842 in Germany and lived there until 1857 when he came to Clayton County.  From 1862 until 1865 he served his new country in the D Company of Iowa's 27th Infantry Regiment, and was dismissed with full honor.  At present he lives in Guttenberg as a widower.