Company B Morning Reports
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Submitted by
Judge John Bauercamper
Allamakee County Courthouse
P.O. Box 248
Waukon, Iowa 52172-0248

The Allamakee County Historical Society Museum in Waukon, Iowa has a complete set of the original  MORNING REPORTS for Co. B, which include five paperbound volumes covering these time periods:

October 1962 to May 1863
May 1863 to January 1864
February 1864 to September 1864
October 1864 to June 1865
July 1865

There is also one leather bound volume covering the period October 1862 to January 1865.   This volume appears to be a summary of the five paper bound volumes.

The morning reports list the current duty station on each date, the number of officers and enlisted men of each rank available for duty, account for those who are not on duty by reason of sickness, casualty, etc.  The monthly "remarks" section contains brief information about specific soldiers who are on leave, AWOL, wounded, sick, hospitalized, taken prisoner, returning to duty, engagements, etc.

The museum also has Co. B's account books in several small bound volumes that account for the financial transactions of the company.