Company B Descriptive Book
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The Allamakee County Historical Society Museum in Waukon, Iowa also has the Co. B "Company Descriptive Book", which was recently located in a storage area of the museum.

This book lists all company personnel and was apparently begun when the company was first mustered. When additional personnel were mustered into the company at later dates, their names and personal information were added. The book was supplemented to record events as they occurred.

Information in the book includes the following sections:

  1. Descriptive Roll of Company, including date mustered, residence, age, height, complexion, eye and hair color, place of birth, occupation, who enlisted them.
  2. List of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.
  3. List of Transfers.
  4. Register of Deaths.

These sections also have a space provided called "Remarks" which occasionally provides additional information about individual personnel.

I am hopeful that additional information will be located as time permits.

Submitted by
Judge John Bauercamper
Allamakee County Courthouse
P.O. Box 248
Waukon, Iowa 52172-0248
Dated: August 3, 2000.