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"History of the Services of Co. B, 27th Iowa Infantry
from its organization to muster out August 8, 1865"

The Museum operated by the Allamakee County Historical Society in Waukon, Iowa has a book that contains a handwritten account entitled: "History of the Services of Co. B, 27th Iowa Infantry from its organization to muster out August 8, 1865".

The account begins with the raising of the company in August 1862 and ends with an entry dated April 14, 1864. The title indicates that it was written after the war was over and that the author intended to write a complete account through 1865. No explanation is given for the fact that it was not finished. The author's name is not given. It is written in the first person and the handwriting appears to be the same on all 27 pages.

The book is leather bound, contains ruled pages, and the cover has a printed label that reads "Company Orders." This book is similar in size and format to other record books belonging to Co. B that the museum has in its collection.

I believe the account was written by Samuel W. Hemenway, using a blank book that was "leftover" when the company was disbanded. Since it was found with other company record books, he probably used them as references in writing this account of the company activities.

The official roster & records for the 27th Iowa Infantry, Company B includes the following information about Hemenway:

Samuel W. Hemenway, age 23. Residence Lansing, Allamakee County, Iowa. Appointed captain October 3, 1862. Promoted to major June 26, 1865. Mustered out August 8, 1865 at Clinton, Iowa.

The burial records for Oak Hill Cemetery, Lansing, Allamakee County, Iowa state that Samuel W. Hemenway is buried there. He listed as a veteran of Co. B, 27th Iowa Infantry. His birth date is February 19, 1839 and his date of death is May 6, 1877.

The following statements are contained in the history as chronological entries by the author about himself and lead me to the conclusion that Hemenway is the author:

  1. The author was in the hospital in Jackson, TN from April 12 to May 20, 1863.
  2. When the author left the company for the hospital, 1st Lt. Groezinger took command of Co. B.
  3. When the author returned to the company on May 20, 1863, the author did not assume command of the company until May 31, 1863.
  4. On February 19, 1864, the author notes that today is his 25th birthday.

I have prepared a typewritten version of the history, because the book is fragile, the handwriting has faded and the information can be better studied and shared in this format. This transcript contains errors and omissions due to my inability to read all of the handwriting. However, I hope that it will be of assistance to those interested in the 27th Iowa Infantry.

The original book has a ruled margin on the left side of the page. The author wrote comments in the margin of each page to annotate the text. I could not reproduce that format, so I have tried to present that information in bold type.

This transcript was completed in February 2001. Please contact me if you have any questions.

The "History" is the property of the Allamakee County Historical Society Museum and is used with their permission.

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