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Descendants of

  • WILHELM (WILLIAM) FRIEDRICH ZIMMERMANN/ZIMMERMAN b. 1 March 1837, in Stettin, Germany (now Szczecin, Poland), son of Gottfried Zimmermann and Caroline Thieme; m. 30 Oct 1859, in Beaver Dam, WI, BRIDGET BOWE, b. 25 Nov 1842, in Dublin, Ireland; William d. 24 Dec 1926 in Hood River, OR; Bridget d. 10 May 1887 in Birnamwood, WI (later reburied in Edgar, WI)

    • CAROLINE "Carrie" E. ZIMMERMAN b. 02 Sept 1861; m. AMOS ROUGET; d. Portland Oregon
      • Infant son
      • MARTEL ROUGET m. John Hutchins

    • MARY ANN "May" or "Mae" ZIMMERMAN b. 31 Aug 1863; m. 2 July 1884 in Clintonville, WI, STEPHEN BENEDICT ROBERTS, b. 25 June 1858 in Madison, WI; Mary Ann d. 10 July 1955 in Hood River, OR, Stephen d. 7 Aug 1904 in Edgar, WI.
    • FREDERICK C. ZIMMERMAN b. 24 Aug 1866, Illinois is place of birth listed on 1870 City of Sheboygan Census; m. ELLA Surname Unknown ; Frederick d. 20 Nov 1921, in Edgar, WS.
      • DORETHEA ZIMMERMAN (died as infant)

    • WILLIAM HENRY ZIMMERMAN b. 12 Nov 1868 in Sheboygan, WI.

    • ALICIA ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN b. 31 Oct 1870 in Sheboygan; confusion between listing for this child and the date of birth for Agnes, who follows; church records list only Alicia, while family members only recall Agnes - possible mixup in names.

    • AGNES L. "Inez" ZIMMERMAN b. 01 Nov 1870, no record at Holy Name Catholic Church in Sheboygan; m. JACK KRESS; Inez d. 1965 in Los Angeles, CA.
    • IDA GERTRUDE ZIMMERMAN b. 06 March 1873 in Sheboygan; m. LOU FILYES/FILYUS; Ida d. 9 July 1935 in Oshkosh,WI.
    • GEORGE HENRY "Henry" ZIMMERMAN b. 14 Oct 1875 in Sheboygan; m. 5 Nov 1902 in Chicago, IL, KATHERINE "Kitty" SCHMEHL, b. 1 Feb 1875 in Poole, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Peter Schmehl and Magdalena Neumeister; Henry d. 5 Nov 1960 in North Hollywood,CA; Katherine d. 1972 in Los Angeles,CA.
      • RAYMOND GEORGE ZIMMERMAN m. Catherine Buchele

    • MARGERETHA "Madge" BRIDGET ZIMMERMAN b. 25 April 1878 in Sheboygan, WI; m. 19 Sept 1908, JOHN HENRY GORMAN; Madge d. 15 Sept 1973 in Spokane,WA.
      • MARGARET BETH GORMAN m. Lowell Yeend

    • ALBERT "Alley" ROCKINS ZIMMERMAN b. 22 Jan 1881 in Sheboygan.

Zimmermann Portrait Album

Lesa Hanners of Hood River, Oregon was kind enough to pass along copies of several Zimmermann family photographs and certificates. Thank you, Lesa! Her kindness gave me the idea to share the portraits here. If you have pictures of William, Bridget or any of their descendants, please let me know. Below is an index of photographs included here:

William F. Zimmermann & Bridget Bowe
Caroline Zimmerman Rouget & Maryann Zimmerman Roberts
Maryann Zimmerman Roberts & Stephen B. Roberts
William F. Zimmermann & Family in Hood River, Oregon - 1922
George "Henry" Zimmerman with Family - Circa Mid-1930's

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  • Our research on the Zimmerman family would be incomplete without mention of William's granddaughter, Dale Roberts Scearce. Her assistance and encouragement during our correspondence in the late 1970's helped to make this page possible.

  • William immigrated to the United States in 1848 with his parents, Gottfried and Caroline (Thieme) Zimmermann, and his brothers and sister. They settled in Town Wilson in Sheboygan County. William was confirmed at the Lutheran Church in Sheboygan in 1854. In 1859 William and Bridget Bowe were married by Father Francis Shroudenback, the Pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Beaverdam. The town is spelled Beaverdam on the marriage record handwritten by Father Shroudenback.

  • All church records for William and Bridget's children at Holy Name Catholic Church in Sheboygan use the surname "Zimmermann".

  • Stettin, Germany is now known as Szczecin, located in northwestern Poland, on the German border. Information for William's parents indicates that the family also lived in Greenrade/Grunrade and Staffelde, Konigsberg/Neumark, in Brandenburg, Prussia.

  • Debie Blindauer has compiled a surname database, which includes a number of Zimmermanns living in the Sheboygan area. The database is definitely worth your time exploring if you have any Zimmermann ancestry in Wisconsin. Debie, whose father is a Purple Heart recipient, has also created "Our Purple Heart" database which recognizes recipients of that medal. It is inspirational reading.

  • Our best documentation for Bridget and William's family is found in Sheboygan. Nancy Bissa of Holy Name Catholic Church spent a lot of time copying the original Latin records for the children's birth and baptismal information. In addition to Bridget and William's family, Nancy sent us records for other Zimmermanns recorded at Holy Name during this time period. Father Michael Haider is listed for all but three of the baptisms. Father Peter Schwaiger is listed for the last three (designated with *). These other records include:

    • Bernard Zimmermann, d. 23 Jan 1868, 44 years of age
    • Children of Henry Zimmermann & Catherine Krakenberger of Rhine:
      • Catharina Zimmermann, b. 16 April 1863
        Godparent: Catharina Leichert
      • Elisabeth Zimmermann, b. 14 June 1864
        Godparents: Elisabeth Kleinharz & Georg Kleinharz
      • Johannes Adam Zimmermann, b.27 August 1865
        Godparents: Johannes Zimmermann & Adam Zimmermann
    • Children of Matilda Zimmermann of Sheboygan:
      • Maria Johanna Larson, b. 17 Dec 1860
        Godparents: Friderica Hartman & August Trilling or Frilling
      • Anna Frederica Zimmerman, b. 1 Sep 1864
        Godparent: Sophia Larson
      • Eduard Zimmermann, b. 1 Nov 1865
        Father listed: Bernard Zimmermann
        Godparents: Eduard Gaertner & Marica Trilling or Frilling
    • Children of John Zimmermann & Christina Loos of Rhine:
      • Jacobus Zimmermann, b. 9 Aug 1863
        Godparents: Jacob Loos & Helena Kleinheinz
      • Catharina Zimmermann, b. 4 Jan 1866
        Godparents: Henricus Zimmermann & Catherine Zimmermann
      • Guilielmus (?) Zimmermann, b. 19 May 1870
        Godparent: John Zimmermann
    • Child of Philipp Zimmermann & Magdalena Kleinhavs of Rhine:
      • Franciscus Zimmermann, b. 27 Dec 1871
        Godparents: Franzisus Kleinharz & Jacobina Kleinharz
    • Children of John Zimmermann & Paulina Fischer of Rhine:
      • Julianna Zimmermann, b. 11 Oct 1883
        Godparent: Julia Kaspar
      • * Catharina Zimmermann, b. 12 Aug 1886
        Godparents: Conrad Zimmermann & Rosa Anna Otto
    • Children of Conrad Zimmermann & Theresa Miller
      • * Juliana (?) Zimmermann, b.18 Mar 1887
        Godparents: Edward ______ & _______ (illegible)
      • * Jacobus Henricus Zimmermann, b. Feb 1889
        Godparent: Jacobus Zimmermann

  • It is believed that Bridget and her mother came to Wisconsin around 1852, when Bridget was ten years old. There is no mention of her father or any brothers or sisters. Bridget and her mother settled near Fox Lake because there were other family members already living in the area. According to Bridget's Confirmation certificate (in the possession of Ruth Filyes Murray), Bridget was confirmed by Father Shroudenback on April 27, 1859 at St. Mary's in Fox Lake.

    Among the records received from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee the following Bowe family members are listed for St. Mary's. We are unfamiliar with these names:

    • Thomas Bow & Catharine Burns, m. 8 November 1857
      Fr. Jacob Morris; Witnesses: David Connor & Mary Carroll

    • Children of Jeremiah & Anna Bowe:
      • Michael Bowe, b. 9 January 1853
        Godparents: Michael Gormley & Honora Bowe
      • Anna Bowe, b. 13 November 1857
        Godparents: Clement Lessis & Anna Bowe
      • Amelia Bowe, b. 25 January 1859
        Godparents: Patrick & Mary Conway
      • Julia Bowe, b. 7 October 1860
        Godparents: Patrick Donovan & Mary Egan
      • William Bowe, b. 4 November 1862
        Godparents: Thomas Borgen(?) & Anna M. Conway
    • Child of John & Ellen Bow(e):
      • Michael Bowe, baptized 10 May 1854
        Godparents: Edward ______ & Mary Maddin
    • Child of Daniel & Eleanor Bowe:
      • Mary Bowe, baptized 20 August 1855
        Godparents: Edmond Byrnes & Anna ______
    • Child of John Bowe & Helen Bowe:
      • Catharine Bowe, b. 26 April 1859
        Godparents: Maurice O'Brien & Anna Bowe
    • Child of Joseph Bowe & Julie Fierting(?):
      • Rose Delia, b. 1 January 1864
        Godparent: Lois Gotter(?)
    • Child of John Bowe & Ellen McGuire:
      • James Bowe, b. 3 June 1864
        Godparents: John & Ellen Bowe

  • Members of a Bowe family were living in Edgar,WI as late as 1913. Elayne Molinari sent me a copy of her mother, Gennedean Kress Lingelbach's Edgar High School Graduation program. The pamphlet lists Clarence Michael Bowe and Ethel Grace Zimmerman in the same graduating class as Gennedean. The program also lists Mark Bowe in the Class Play, and Helen Bowe as participating in a Instrumental Duet.

  • Plover and Birnamwood - Correspondence with Ruth Filyes Murray, indicated that Bridget & William "traveled with their family by oxcart to a farm in the town of Plover, near the village of Birnamwood." A map indicates that these two locations are not adjacent to one another. It may be they lived in both towns at different times. Bridget died in Birnamwood, but was later reburied in the Edgar Cemetery in Edgar, WS. Her grave is next to her son, Fred and his wife, Ella. The headstone in Edgar lists Bridget's date of death as 10 June rather than 10 May 1887.

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The information found here is not necessarily complete but is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Primary sources have been used when possible to verify names, dates, and relationships. This continues to be a site in progress. Additions/corrections are welcomed.

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