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M Last Name Wisconsin Time Period Wisconsin Location/s Parents Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Spouse Source
Madeline Zimmermann 1895-1975 Calumet Co. Conrad Zimmermann & Susanna Jaekels 23 June 1895 Unknown 21 April 1975 Calumet Co, WI Fred D. Berth Debie Blindauer
Margaretta Zimmermann 1910 Census Berlin, Marathon Co. Unknown Circa 1895 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown More Info
Margeretha "Madge" Zimmerman 1878-Circa 1920 Sheboygan Co.; Portage Co.; Edgar, Marathon Co. Wilhelm Friedrich Zimmermann & Bridgett Bowe 25 April 1878 Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co., WI 15 Sep 1973 Spokane, Washington John Henry Gorman Karen Zimmerman
Maria Zimmerman 1910 Census Stettin, Marathon Co. Unknown Circa 1900 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown More Info
Maria Zimmermann 1844- ? Germantown, Washington Co. Philipp Zimmermann & Catharina Geyer 1844 Germantown, Washington Co., WI Aft 1888 Unknown Friedrich Laubenheimer Tricia Thompson
Maria (Taillie) Zimmerman 1882-1937 Sheboygan & Milwaukee Hendrik Taillie & Jannette Bastelinn 17 Feb 1882 ? Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI 1937 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI Gustav E. Zimmerman Nancy Taillie
Maria Elizabeth Zimmermann 1843-1862 Milwaukee Co., WI   22 Feb 1799 Germany 5 Sept 1862 Milwaukee Co., WI Heinrich Paul Noe Paula Johnson-Marsolek
Maria "Mary" Louise Zimmerman Abt 1869-1925 Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co. Johann Friedrich Zimmerman II & Friedricke Louise Caroline Strasburg 1862 Germany 1925 Eau Claire Co., WI Carl "August" Rau Jim Tellstrom
Maria (aka "Albertina") (Voss) Zimmermann 1846-1918 Dodge Co. Johann F. Voss & Maria Milbrot 5 Nov 1846 Dodge Co., WI 28 June 1918 Dodge Co., WI Friedrich Zimmermann More Info
Maria Madlein Zimmermann 1876-1964 Sheboygan Co.; Calumet Co.; & Washington Co. Heinrich Zimmermann & Katherine Krackenberger 22 July 1876 Sheboygan Co., WI 2 June 1964 Washington Co., WI George C. Diedrich Debie Blindauer
Marie Zimmerman Circa 1867- ? Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co. Christian Zimmerman & Sophie Strasburg Unknown Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co. Unknown Unknown Anton Schermer Jim Tellstrom
Marie Louise Zimmerman 1859-1944 Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co. Christian Zimmerman & Sophie Strasburg 1859 Unknown 1944 Unknown Friedrich Wilhelm Jim Tellstrom
Martha (Unknown) Zimmerman 1898- ? Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co. Unknown 1898 Unknown 1997 Unknown Frank Zimmerman Lynn Christen
Martin Zimmerman 1870s Unknown Unknown Unknown Germany 28 Oct 1919 ? Pipestone County, Iowa ? Louise Kemnetz Kelly Burdick
Martin Zimmermann 1910 Census Berlin, Marathon Co. Unknown Circa 1897 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown More Info
Mary Zimmerman ? Green Co. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Fredrick Brunkow More Info
Mary Zimmerman 1897?-1972? Wood Co. Paul Zimmerman & Katherine Hamm 1897 ? Wood Co., WI 1972 ? Wood Co., WI Gust Korslin George P. Zimmerman
Mary Zimmerman Circa 1864-? Cross, Buffalo Co. George Zimmerman & Christine Unknown Circa 1864 Cross, Buffalo Co., WI Unknown Unknown Unknown Dan Wharton
Mary Zimmermann 1878- ? Sheboygan Co. Heinrich Zimmermann & Katherine Krackenberger 12 Jul 1878 Sheboygan Co., WI 2 Mar 1952 Winnebago Co., Illinois James Carney Debie Blindauer
Mary Zimmermann Abt 1900-1933 Southern Wisconsin Josef Zimmermann & Maria Anna Ritter 15 Jul 1884 Bohemia, Germany 6 Oct 1933 Southern Wisconsin Fred Roehl & Emil Mathys Emil Krause
Mary Ann "Mae" Zimmerman 1863-Circa 1920 Beaver Dam, Dodge Co.; Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co.; Edgar, Marathon Co. Wilhelm Friedrich Zimmermann & Bridgett Bowe 31 Aug 1863 Beaver Dam, Dodge Co., WI 10 Jul 1955 Hood River, Oregon Stephen Benedict Roberts Karen Zimmerman
Mary Elisabeth Zimmermann 1898-1922 Sheboygan Co. & Manitowoc Co. Adam John Zimmermann & Hendrina Baeumler 3 Nov 1898 Sheboygan Co., WI 1 Jan 1922 Manitowoc Co., WI Anthony Wagner Debie Blindauer
Mathilda Zimmermann 1910 Census Berlin, Marathon Co. Unknown Circa 1881 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown More Info
Matthew "Matt" Zimmerman 1888-1973 Lincoln TWP & Fall Creek, Eau Claire Co. William Zimmerman & Theresa Leinenkugel 1888 Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co. 1973 Unknown Unknown Jim Tellstrom
Meta Zimmermann 1897-1973 Sheboygan Co. Conrad Zimmermann & Therese Mueller 17 Nov 1897 Sheboygan Co., WI 8 Oct 1973 Sheboygan Co., WI Arno Arthur Adolph Koehler Debie Blindauer
Michael Zimmerman Aft 1856-1889 Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co. Johann Friedrich Zimmerman I & Anna "Christine" Raehl 1828 Sommersdorf, Prussia, Germany 1903 Lincoln TWP, Eau Claire Co., WI Louise "Lizzie" Strasburg Jim Tellstrom
Michael Gottlieb Zimmermann 1845-1870 Town of Theresa, Dodge Co. Johann Zimmermann & Eugena Krueger 15 Jul 1802 Kortenthin, Isle of Wollin, Pommern, Germany 25 Sep 1870 Town of Theresa, Dodge Co., WI Maria Friederike Charlotte Kuehl Merlin E. Horn
Milbert C. Zimmerman 896-1965 Edgar, Marathon Co.; & Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co. Fred Zimmerman & Ella Milbrot or Milbrath 9 Apr 1896 Edgar, Marathon Co., WI 21 Oct 1965 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI Agatha M. Moser Paula Frederick
Minna Zimmermann 1855-1948 Mequon, Ozaukee Co.; Chilton, Calumet Co. Adolph Zimmermann & Fredericka Opitz 3 March 1855 Mequon, Ozaukee Co. 27 March 1948 Chilton, Calumet Co. Christopher D. Klumb Richelle Harris
Minnie Zimmerman 1878-1958 Lomira, Dodge Co.; Menasha, Winnebago Co. John Frederick August Zimmerman & Almine Caroline Theresia Fritsche 28 June 1878 Lomira, Dodge Co. 2 May 1958 Neenah, Winnebago Co. Henry F. Steiner Marcie Miller Levitsky
Myron F. Zimmermann 1915-1995 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co. & Pipe, Fond du Lac Co. Rudolph Zimmermann & Clara Mansz 7 Jun 1915 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI 21 Sep 1995 Pipe, Fond du Lac Co., WI None Julie Sabbatini

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