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E - El Last Name Wisconsin Time Period Wisconsin Location/s Parents Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Spouse Source
Eddie Zimmermann 1910 Census Berlin, Marathon Co. Unknown Circa 1902 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown More Info
Edgar Louis Zimmermann 1893-1985 Sheboygan Co. John W. Zimmermann & Helene Sinner 30 Dec 1893 Sheboygan Co., WI 2 Feb 1985 Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co., WI Elva Caroline Malich Debie Blindauer
Edna (Roth) Zimmerman Early 1900s Rudolph, Wood Co. Unknown 1900 Unknown 1972 Unknown Irvin Zimmerman Julie Blankenburg
Edward Zimmerman 1902- ? Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co. Joseph Zimmerman & Augustyna Lehman 27 Jul 1902 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI 18 Dec 1955 Unknown Blanche Unknown Lynn Christen
Edward Zimmmermann 1883-1963 Town of Theresa / Herman, Dodge Co. Frederick Zimmermann & Albertina "Maria" Voss 7 May 1883 Hochiem area of Herman,
Dodge Co., WI
3 Sep 1963 Beaver Dam, Dodge Co., WI Laura Christian & Ella (Dobberphul) Christian Robert Bowe
Edward Zimmermann 1890-1956 Sheboygan Co. Conrad Zimmermann & Therese Mueller 27 Oct 1890 Sheboygan Co., WI 7 Oct 1956 Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co. None Debie Blindauer
Edwin Anthony Zimmermann 1901-1975 Sheboygan Co. Adam John Zimmermann & Hendrina Baeumler 12 May 1901 Sheboygan Co., WI 23 July 1975 Sheboygan Co., WI Mildred Madeline Jacobs Debie Blindauer
Edwin Gustav Frederick Zimmerman 1908-1952 Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co. Gustav Carl Zimmerman & Anna Wilhelmine Auguste Gaehler 12 June 1908 Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI 31 Mar 1952 Wisconsin ? Joan Hoffmann Writzman Cheryl Baker
Eileen M. Zimmermann ? -1984 Mequon, Ozaukee Co. & Pipe, Fond du Lac Co. Rudolph Zimmermann & Clara Mansz 28 Apr 1903 Buffalo, New York Apr 1984 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI None Julie Sabbatini
(Elfrieda) Fredericka (Optiz) Zimmermann 1839-1884 Mequon, Ozaukee Co. Johann Opitz & Unknown 25 May 1819 Saxony, Germany 6 July 1884 Mequon, Ozaukee Co. Adolph Zimmermann Richelle Harris
Elisabetha Zimmermann 1843-? Germantown, Washington Co. Philipp Zimmermann & Catharina Geyer 1843 Germantown, Washington Co., WI Aft 1888 Unknown Philipp Mueller Tricia Thompson
Elizabeth Zimmerman Circa 1854-? Cross, Buffalo Co. George Zimmerman & Christine Unknown Circa 1854 Wisconsin Unknown Unknown Unknown Dan Wharton
Elizabeth Zimmermann 1864-1943 Sheboygan Co. Heinrich Zimmermann & Katherine Krackenberger 14 June 1864 Sheboygan Co., WI 5 Sep 1943 Sheboygan Co., WI Adam Killian Mehler Debie Blindauer
Elizabeth (Drum) Zimmerman 1869-1875 Spring Grove Township, Green Co. Johan George Drum & Anna Elisabeth Nuss 15 Mar 1806 Unknown 15 Sep 1875 Spring Grove Township, Green Co., WI Isaac W. Zimmerman Dori Coplien
Elizabeth (Hamm) Zimmerman 1876-1930 Wood Co. Unknown Unknown Wood Co., WI Circa 1930 Wood Co., WI Adam Zimmerman George P. Zimmerman
Elizabeth (Kirsher) Zimmerman 1869-1907 Spring Grove Township & Oakly, Green Co. John Krisher & Katherine Unknown 14 Nov 1831 Roaring Creek, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania 25 Nov 1907 Oakly, Green Co., WI Henry Zimmerman Dori Coplien
Elizabeth Lois (Riley) Zimmerman 1928-1950 Oshkosh ? Unknown Unknown Unknown Living (1999) N/A James Arthur Zimmerman George P. Zimmerman
Elizabeth Mary "Libby" (Keller) Zimmerman 1855-1911 Spring Grove Township, Green Co. Charles George Keller & Catherine Miller 17 May 1834 Columbia Co., Pennsylvania 7 Mar 1911 Spring Grove Township, Green Co., WI George Washington Zimmerman Dori Coplien
Ella (Dobberphul) Christian Zimmermann ? Town of Theresa, Dodge Co. August Dobberphul & Emma Callies Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Reinhold / Reinholdt Christian & Edward Zimmerman Robert Bowe
Ella (Milbrot or Milbrath) Zimmerman Late 1800s-1961 Edgar, Marathon Co. Unknown Unknown Unknown 7 Feb 1961 Edgar, Marathon Co., WI Fred Zimmerman Karen Zimmerman
Ella Zimmermann 1878- ? Mequon, Ozaukee Co. & Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co. Frederick Zimmermann & Christina Martin 19 Mar 1878 Mequon, Ozaukee Co., WI 1960 Unknown Ernest Finkbeiner Julie Sabbatini
Elmer Zimmermann 1910 Census Berlin, Marathon Co. Unknown Circa 1873 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown More Info
Elmer E. Zimmermann 1900- Bef 1930 Merrill, Lincoln Co. Ferdinand Zimmermann & Ida Krakow/Krakau 2 Jan 1900 Merrill, Lincoln Co., WI 23 Oct 1998 Clinton, Clinton Co., Iowa Martha Marske More Info
Elmer Louis F. Zimmermann 1906-1943 Manitowoc Co. Phillip Zimmermann & Rosina Schmitt 11 Nov 1906 Manitowoc Co., WI 17 June 1943 Unknown Adeline Carstens Debie Blindauer
Elroy Zimmerman 1908 Portage Co. Fred Zimmerman & Eleanor Brandh 1908 Unknown 1908 Unknown None Julie Blankenburg
Elsie F. Zimmermann 1911-? Marathon Co. Adam A. Zimmermann & Hermina Unknown Abt 1j911 Marathon Co., WI Unknown Unknown Unknown Debie Blindauer

This database has been compiled based on information provided by a number of sources.  With this in mind, please remember that the data has not been verified and is susceptible to human error. Please report any script errors or broken links found on this page. Your help is appreciated.

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