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Welcome!  The St. Louis-Metro Mail Server is up and running - ready for your genealogy queries and postings.  "" provides an email forum for genealogists researching the greater metropolitan area of St. Louis to share information and links, ask questions, request primary source information, post surnames, and together learn more about the rich history of St. Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis-Metro mail list is striving to be "pro-active" in the pursuit of genealogical research in the Gateway City.

If you have any questions about the list do not hesitate to contact the List Owner, Dave Lossos, who also maintains the excellent resource site, Genealogy in St. Louis.

Happy Hunting!
Karen Keehne Zimmerman




  • Provide information to genealogical researchers by maintaining a web site of available databases pertaining to St. Louis. For example, the Genealogy in St. Louis web site presently maintains the surname list of 1878 St. Louis Atlas landowners, where to find local cemetery inscriptions that have been published, in addition to pointers to other web sites that contain similar information.

    All Mail List members are welcome and encouraged to "publish" their own data online.   This would include anything from transcribing material in St. Louis city directories, as found in Paulette Morris' St.Louis - Old and New, to Scott William's Time Portal to Old St. Louis, which includes a wide array of photographs and written information that capture pre-1923 St. Louis. You can even listen to some vintage tunes which Scott has uploaded to his site. My own site, Family Ties, includes Field Trip to St.Louis, with suggestions on how to prepare for a research visit using the Internet.   Bill Buchholz has contributed several articles to "Genealogy in St. Louis".  Toward this end, "tutorials" on the technical issues, i.e. uploading data to your own web site, will be available for the asking.

  • Make query replies more consistent. Currently when a query is posted to a list, there is little way of knowing if it is answered. A dozen people may research the question and reply, or the posting may go unanswered. We would like to work out a system, dividing queries/requests into categories (census, obits, probates, marriages, city directories, draft registrations, etc) with assigned volunteers ready to respond to the various postings.

    This goal is easier said than done :) - If list members have suggestions on how to organize an informal volunteer staff (individuals designated with a specialty area, i.e. they have ready access to a source material, such as 1850 census index, the St. Louis Death Register, etc.), or would like to coordinate such a group of volunteers, please contact the List Owner
  • Recruit volunteers for long term projects. Mail list members are welcome to become involved in special projects - such as inputting data from surname index card at the Main Library or inscribing death records at the St. Louis coroner's office. These projects would be strictly voluntary and would share the common goal of providing finished database products on the Internet, much in keeping with the spirit of the RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative.   List members who have projects they would like to over see, please post your project to the Metro mail list, letting others know that you are looking for volunteers.

Join the List!

To subscribe to St.Louis-Metro in the list mode send a message to MO-STLOUIS-METRO-L- that contains the word  " subscribe "  in the body of the message and nothing else (no quotation marks, no subject).  If you prefer digest mode, send the command instead to MO-STLOUIS-METRO-D- List mode delivers messages individually as they are received by RootsWeb. Digest mode is sent about once a day with a collection of messages. List mode is more efficient for deleting and saving individual messages.

If you have any questions, please contact the List Owner:
David A. Lossos


Getting Started - After subscribing to St.Louis-Metro you will receive a Welcome message that contains important mail list information, including instructions on how to unsubscribe from the list, how to change from List to Digest mode, etc. Be sure to keep this message for future reference.

Sharing Your Surnames - After joining the list, please let us know what surnames you are researching. Send a message to the List Owner using this preferred format:

  • Your E-Mail address and/or Web site URL/address:
  • Your name:
  • St. Louis surnames being researched:

    When submitting surnames to the List Owner, please do not use all capital letters. Visit Genealogy in St. Louis for the complete listing of surnames submitted.

    Looking for a specific surname? Click the CONTROL key on your keyboard and letter "F" key at the same time for a short cut to FIND a specific name. After the FIND box opens, type in the surname you are looking for. Your program will take you to that name if it is on the page. There is a separate alphabetical listing of all the St. Louis surnames that have been submitted.

    How to Post a Query - Once you are registered, send your email to [Note: this is a slightly different address than the one to which you subscribed]  Be sure to indicate the topic of your posting in the Subject area of the email. If you are posting a surname query, it is a good idea to list the surname(s) in the Subject line. In the body of the message it is helpful to capitalize the names of specific people, first and last name, to make it easier to spot.

    Always ask yourself, what is the simplest and clearest way to post my message? What will make it easier to read? People will not always take time to read a long and difficult to follow message. Look to other postings on the list for good examples.

    If you are requesting a search, i.e. a listing for your grandfather in the St. Louis Death Register, be sure to provide as much information as you can, such as his full given name, and other spelling variations of the surname, the date or at least approximate date of death, his age at death, etc. Try to make it easier for the person who is volunteering to help you.

    How to Reply to a Message - If you would like to reply to the person who sent the message, and not to the list at large, click "Reply". If you would like the posting to go to the list at large as well, click "Reply to All".

    Many browsers allow you to include a copy of the message you are replying to. RootsWeb asks that we not repeat entire messages - it uses up a lot of space. If you have your browser set to automatically include the original message, please delete the bulk of it. Retain only the portions that you are specifically replying to.

    When replying to a digest formatted message, please note that the Subject line simply tells which Digest #. It does not reflect the subject of the message. Delete the Digest # from the Subject line and type in the actual topic or subject of the message you are sending or to which you are replying.

    Using the RootsWeb Archives - The RootsWeb server not only provides the means by which these genealogy mail lists are able to operate, it also stores the messages for future use. You can search the archived messages for the St.Louis-Metro list. When the page opens, type key words or surnames in the Query box. An Operation Summary page will list the number of matching records for your query, if any. Entries list the subject of the message and allow you to view the message.

    In addition to searching for specific surnames or topics, you may also browse the St.Louis-Metro archives chronologically by month. Opening a specific month/year will provide a listing of the email subjects for that month.

    You can search the archives of most of the RootsWeb mailing lists by visiting Mailing List Archives. You will need to enter the name of the mail list you wish to search. Aren't sure of the mail list name? The page provides an alphabetical search for you to locate list names.

    Signature Lines - Some people use "signature lines", automatic text that can be set up to appear at the end of each message, such as the person's name, the URL of their personal web page, a favorite quote, etc.  Sometimes people also include a list of the surnames they are researching. This can create a problem for the archive system, because surnames listed in a "signature" will appear at the end of a message regardless whether those names have anything to do with the message. Result: someone does a search on Fitzgibbon, and finds a multitude of matches, the majority of which are all found in "signatures" and so, of little value to the researcher.

    If you would like to include surnames in your "signature", please type them without spaces: Birkenbach/Buchele/Delworth/Fitzgibbon/Kaylor.

    Courtesy - Occasionally people may type something that offends another list member   It happens on just about every list at one time or another.  This can sometimes be avoided if we think about "how" we phrase something before we post it.  If you disagree with a list member, please post to them directly, or just delete their message altogether.  Please do NOT involve the entire list, as this takes time away from the main reason we are here: genealogy :) If a problem persists, please contact the List Owner.

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    We all start somewhere - Whether you are just beginning your interest in genealogy or are a veteran researcher familiar with mail lists and the technology of the Internet, St.Louis-Metro is here to help. Your input is appreciated.

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