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Descendants of

  • Ireland?- Before 1851
  • Baltimore, MD - Circa 1820's-1875

  • THOMAS J. CAREY b. 19 March 1825, in Ireland(?); m. 1 Oct 1851, MARGARET ANN KERNER, b. 19 July 1832, in Baltimore, MD, daughter of William C. Kerner & Margaret Kaylor; Thomas d. 6 July 1864; Margaret d. 7 March 1875.

    • MARY ANN AMELIA CARY/CAREY b.6 March 1852 in Baltimore, MD; m. 13 Feb 1869, Baltimore, CHARLES F. KEEHNE, b. 27 Nov 1843, Baltimore, son of Augustus Keehne & Sophia Kaylor.

      • LOTTIE ESTELLE KEEHNE b. 27 Aug 1871, in St. Louis, MO; m. 15 Oct 1892, WILLIAM LESTER, b. 06 Dec 1866; Lottie died 17 Dec 1970, in Monett, MO; William died 29 Sep 1934, in Monett.
        • CORA LOTTIE LESTER m. Fred Gibbons

      • CHARLES THOMAS KEEHNE b. 22 Aug 1873,in St. Louis, MO; m. 11 Jun 1900, NONA McGARY?; Charles d. 16 Oct 1961, Nona d. 26 Oct 1958.
        • ETHEL KEEHNE m. Marshall Tufts
        • GRACE KEEHNE
        • CHARLOTTE KEEHNE m. Arthur Briscoe
        • JUNE KEEHNE m. Ted Forgus

      • MARY CAROLINE KEEHNE b. 06 Mar 1876,in St. Louis, MO; d. 27 August 1877.

      • WILLIAM HENRY "Will" KEEHNE b. 24 Mar 1879, in St. Louis, MO; m. 24 Jan 1905, MARY ROSE "MAE" DELWORTH, b. 11 Feb 1884, in St. Louis, daughter of Jeremiah Fitzgibbon Delworth and Rose McDonald; Will d. 26 Nov 1966, in Van Nuys, CA; Mae d. 07 May 1974, in Burbank, CA.
        • WILLIAM HENRY KEEHNE, JR. m. Elizabeth Adams
        • MARY ROSE "Cis" KEEHNE m. Edward Pfitzner
        • CHARLES KEEHNE m. Marcelle Birkenbach
        • JEREMIAH FITZGIBBONS KEEHNE m. Tommie Reynolds
        • JOHN KEEHNE m. Mollie Palmer; m. Trish Blackburn

      • SOPHIE KEEHNE b. 24 June 1880, in St. Louis; m. 20 Mar 1900, WILLIAM HUMES.
        • BILL HUMES

      • SADIE KEEHNE b. 16 Nov 1882, in St. Louis; m. 21 June 1905, JOSEPH HUMES; Sadie d. in 1972.
        • BUD HUMES
        • WALLY HUMES

      • ALTA MAY KEEHNE b. 16 September 1885, in St. Louis; m. 14 Dec 1910, CONNIE RUEGGE; Alta d. 27 Feb 1971.
        • EVELYN RUEGGE m. Herbert Jacobus

      • GRACE KEEHNE b. 13 Nov 1892, in St. Louis; m. EDWARD DEMOULIN.
        • GRACE DE MOULIN m. John Knierim; Jerry Lamb
        • ALTA DE MOULIN m. Dennis _____ ; Carl Sibley

    • GEORGE THOMAS KEAREY b. 21 January 1854 in Baltimore, MD; m. 21 July 1878, LAURA KEEHNE, b. 5 Oct 1858 in Baltimore, daughter of Augustus Keehne & Sophia Kaylor.

      • GEORGE KEAREY b. 27 Oct 1879.
      • ARTHUR ERNEST KEAREY b. 7 Oct 1881; d. 17 Nov 1883.
      • ARTHUR KEAREY b. 3 Oct 1883.
      • LAURENCE KEAREY b. 23 Jan 1886; d. 9 April 1924.
      • EDWARD KEAREY b. 11 Aug 1888; m. MARGARET FLOOD; Edward d. 27 May 1959.
        • EDWARD KEAREY m. Wilma Ifland

      • CHARLES MELVIN KEAREY b. 11 Nov 1890; Charles d. 24 Nov 1981 in Fredricktown, MO.
      • WILLIAM HENRY KEAREY b. 15 Jan 1893.
      • LAURA KEAREY b. 1 Feb 1895 in St. Louis; m. 21 Oct 1914, James Meeker; Laura d. 10 April 1979 in St. Louis.
        • RUTH MEEKER m. William Loving

      • ELLANORA KEAREY b. 30 Jan 1898; d. 7 April 1900.
      • WALTER KEAREY b. 25 Nov 1900; d. 30 Nov 1900.

    • JAMES BUCHANNON KEAREY b. 22 Jan 1858 in Baltimore, MD; d. 12 July 1876.

  • Entries in the family bible list both the "Carey" and "Kearey". As an example, what appears to be the same handwriting records the death of James B. "Carey", on July 12, 1876 and on the next line, the death of James' mother, Margaret A. "Kearey", on March 7, 1875. "Carey" appears on most early government documents. As late as the 1880, the City of St. Louis Federal Census lists the family as "Carey". "Cary" appears only occasionally and is most likely a misspelling of "Carey". We are not certain when the name shifted exclusively to "Kearey".

  • We have little information for Thomas J. Carey prior to the recording of his marriage to Margaret Ann Kerner in 1851. There is a Thomas Carey listed on the 1850 City of Baltimore Census, living with Archibald Teal, his wife, Susan, and their son, George. The age listed for Thomas is 24, which would fit with the 1825 birth year in the family bible for our Thomas J. Carey. Information given for Thomas Carey on the 1850 census states that he was a carpenter and was born in Maryland.

    New - Information found in the 1858-59 city directory for Baltimore includes an entry: "Carey Thomas, carp. 42 Columbia". I was not sure if this was our Thomas J. Carey, however, comparing addresses with other surnames in the same directory yielded the following: "Kerner Mrs. Margaret, 42 Colombia". Margaret Kerner would have been the mother-in-law of Thomas J. Carey.

  • New - An obituary from the Baltimore Sun reads: "On the 6th instant, after a short but painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, THOMAS J. CAREY, in the 39th year of his age, leaving an affectionate wife and three small children to mourn their irreparable loss. [Norfolk and Portsmouth papers please copy]." This is the first indication that there may have been a Virginia connection.

  • Although we have the date of Thomas J. Carey's death, we do not know the location of his grave. He is apparently not buried with his wife, Margaret Ann Kaylor, who was interred in the Kaylor family plot in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore in 1875. The statement and poem that follow were received from Sally Nichols, great granddaughter of Lottie Keehne Lester.

    "Lines on the death of Thomas J. Carey, who departed this life July 6th, 1864, in the 39th year of his age.

    How sad to sit and think of the departed, and to know but a few short weeks ago, he was here among us in health and happiness, but alas, that terrible disease came and snatched him from our midst, and left us sad and lonely, not only friends have been left behind to mourn his loss, but a dear companion who stood by him and watched him until death robbed her of all that was near and dear to her and her children, he was a kind and affectionate husband, and to his children a kind and loving father, and a true and faithful friend, but with all we cannot call him back, but can say in the midst of life we are in death, let us try and meet him, for we have that consolation, that his spirit is at rest.
    'Yes thou art sleeping,
    And with the silent dead,
    We may plant the sweetest flowers,
    Upon your lonely bed.
    But soon ah soon they may wither,
    And droop and fade away,
    Like one that now is sleeping,
    Beneath the silent clay.'

    - M.C. Bentz

  • Persons unknown to us listed in the Kearey Family Bible (possibly brothers/sisters/cousins of Thomas):
    • William Ex(?) Kearey b. 28 Nov 1819; d. 30 June 1849.
    • Sarah Ann E. Kearey b. 10 July 1828; d. 16 Nov 1830.
    • Joseph W. Kearey/Carey b. 23 Nov 1830; m. 18 May 1859?, Martha Ann Bone (Bane?).
    • James Kearey/Carey b. 16 Oct 1833; m. 9 June 1856, Virginia Merfrey (Merfey?).
    • William Henry Johnson m. Mary E. Williams, 24 June 1868

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