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By First Name Maryland Time Period
& Locations
Parents Birth Year/Place Death Year/Place Spouse Contact
Polly (Bowers) KailerEarly 1800s to ?
Washington Co.
UnknownUnknown UnknownAndrew KailerMore Info
Omer Thomas KaylorLate 1885 to ?
Washington Co.
Thomas Melvin Kaylor
Orbannah L. Fahrney
July 20, 1885
Hagerstown, MD
UnknownMabel SlagenMore Info
Sophia KaylorCirca 1840
City of Baltimore
William Kaylor
Mary Unknown Surname
Circa 1840
Baltimore, MD
19 November 1840
Baltimore, MD
NoneK. Zimmerman
Sophia Caroline Kaylor 1817 to Early 1860s
City of Baltimore
George Kaylor
Margaret Unknown Surname
Feb 14, 1817
Baltimore, MD
July 11, 1896
St. Louis, MO
Augustus Kühne
K. Zimmerman


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  • Please note where parentheses and abbreviations are used.    Abbreviations include "Circa", "Aft", and "Bef", if needed to narrow down approximate time periods.   "aka" can be used if the person was "also known as".  If you do not have the information, please type "Unknown".

  • Don't forgot to include women who married into a Kaylor family.   When providing such information, please use parentheses in that very first entry slot, i.e. Polly (Bowers) Kaylor.

  • Please submit the entries in alphabetical order by their first name.  You are welcome to submit as many entries as you wish.  Multiple entries can be sent in one email message. 

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