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Washington County, Maryland: Marriages, 1799-1830
Compiled by Dale W. Morrows

The following marriages are listed in Volume 1 of Washington County Maryland: Marriages, published by Traces, Hagerstown, MD, 1979.

KAILER, Andrew married Polly Bowers, 28 Jan 1840, Minister: Schmucker
KAILER, Jacob married Sarah Dennison, 5 Dec 1829, Minister: Kurtz
KALLER, Jacob married Mary Myers, 22 Jan 1820, Minister: Riley
KAILER, Elizabeth married Jacob Bentz, 23 Feb 1814, Minister: Shafer

Washington County, Maryland Marriages, 1799 - 1860
by Dale Walton Morrow and Deborah Jensen Morrow
Mary Ann Kaylor sent the following information from this series by the Morrows, published by Traces, MD, 1982, Vol 1: A-E, Vol. 2: F-K (Male Indexes):

KAILER, Jacob and Sarah DENNISON 5 Dec 1829
KAILER, David and Rebecca BOWERS 11 Apr 1832
KAILER, Andrew and Polly BOWERS 28 Jan 1840
KAILER, Elizabeth and Jacob BENTZ 23 Feb 1814
KAILOR, Eliza and Peter COX 4 Sep 1837
KEHLER, Sarah and Joseph BOWMAN 13 Nov 1813
KEILER, Elizabeth and Gottleib BROSI 12 May 1836
KOHLER, John and Hannah WENDLING 29 Apr 1815
KOHLER, Jonas and Susannah BROUTZMAN 6 Apr 1841

Wills of Washington County, Maryland: An Index, 1776-1890
Compiled by Dale W. Morrow and Deborah Jensen Morrow

Mary Ann Kaylor also forwarded the following information from Wills of Washington County, Maryland.  Supporting documents include:  Minutes of Proceedings - Orphans Court from 1806 to present;  Guardian account from 1852 to present;  Docket of Proceedings frm 1852 to present;  Executive and Administration Bonds from 1852 to present;  List of Sales from 1853 to present.

KAILOR, Frederick -- Supporting Documents, 1819
KAYHOR, Mathais --Will/Supporting Documents, 1879
KAYHOR, Mathais -- Supporting Documents, 1888
KAYLOR, Jacob -- Supporting Documents, 1873
KAYLOR, Sarah -- Supporting Documents, 1884
KEALER, Frederick -- Supporting Documents, 1779
KOHLER, George -- Will and Supporting documents, 1791
KOHLER, George -- Will and Supporting documents, 1798
KOHLER, George -- Will and Supporting documents, 1798
KOHLER, George -- Will and Supporting documents, 1868
KOHLER, George (of Jno.) -- Supporting documents, 1875
KOHLER, Jno. --† Supporting documents, 1876
KOHLER, Jonas -- Will and supporting documents, 1883
KOHLER, Sol. -- Supporting documents, 1878
KOALER, Jno. --† Supporting documents, 1796
KOALER, Jno. --† Supporting documents, 1810
KOALER, Jno. --† Will and supporting documents, 1813

Jno=Jonathan or John

Western Maryland PioneerMarriages, Early Settlers Birth and Deaths
Compiled by Hilda Chance

The following exerpts are taken from Western Maryland Pioneers, compiled by Hilda Chance, prior to 1972, no publisher listed. Contained in two paperback volumes, page numbering consecutively from Volume 1 to Volume 2.   Note: Jacob Kailer and Jacob Kaylor have the same year of death, although different months, and both are listed for Beaver Creek. Washington County: Marriages, above, lists two Jacobs. The Index to War of 1812, below, also mentions a Jacob Kailor.

Washington County: Births & Deaths to 1873
  • p. 32 - KAILER, Jacob - d. March 21, 1873, (BC)
  • p. 32 - KALER, Catherine - b. August 16, 1788; d. June 28, 1867 (F)
    Hagerstown Area:
  • p. 50 - KAYLOR, Jacob - d. April 1873, age 81, 1812 War, Beaver Creek (O)
    Carroll County:
  • p. 82 - CAYLOR, Abraham - d. 1857, age 64, w. Anna d. March 24, 1842, age 46 (PG)

    BC = Beaver Creek, near Smoketown
    F = Funkstown, Dunker & M.E. Churches
    O = Newspaper Obit
    PG = Pipe Creek, German Baptist

    Index to War of 1812 Pension Files
    Transmitted by Virgil D. White

    The following Kaylors were listed in the Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, Vol. II, J-Z, published by the National Publishing Co., Waynesboro, TN, 1992. The index lists the following as appearing on Reel 53, K-Ke. The four individuals who appear in that index lived in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia:

    KAILER, Jacob, Susan, WC-9549, SC-8983, serv Capt. Theodore Mill's Co., MD Mil as a Pvt
    KAYLER, George, Mary, (Prindle or Brental) WC-134, m. 9 Dec 1804, NY, NY (additional material in book)
    KAYLOR, Peter (or Kayler) SC-14115, srv Capt Richard McGuire's Co. PA Mil as a drummer
    KAYLOR, Peter SC-19819, srv Capt Magill's Co VA Mil as a Pvt

    Legend:  WC = Widow's Certificate   SC = Survivor's Certificate

    Do not let the absence of a name lead you to automatically assume your ancestor did not serve in the War of 1812. Recently I learned that my gr-gr-gr-grandfather, George Kaylor was a member of the Balto Yšgers, serving as part of the land defense in the Battle of Baltimore in 1814. A number of sources did not indicate his participation. One must be careful when examining records, especially where pensions are involved. The veteran and their spouse may not have drawn a pension for one reason or another.

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