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A site devoted to the research of the Kaylor surname in the state of Maryland, including spelling variants, such as KAYLER, CAYLOR, KAILER, KOEHLER, KOHLER, and KALER.


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Entries are listed alphabetically by their first name. Sources for the database include: 1.) vital information submitted by individuals, or Contact Persons;  and 2.) material gathered from various indexes and other source documents.

To find the name of the person submitting the information, look to the Contact column. Please direct all specific queries about individual entries to the Contact Person. For information collected from an index or other document, you will fine "More Info" in the Contact column. This link provides additional details about the source of the information.

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Submissions are welcome.   All entries must include the name and email address of the submitter.   If you prefer you may list your U.S. postal address in lieu of an email address.   Please let me know if your email or postal addresses change..   If you find an address that is no longer active, please contact me.


Information on this site has been collected from
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please remember that the data has not been verified
and is susceptible to human error.


Baltimore City Directory: 1796 - 1860
A listing of Kaylor entries which appear in the city directories from 1796 to 1860. Includes name, occupation and address.

Index to War of 1812 Pension File
Four individuals (with surnames Kailer, Kayler, and Kaylor), one of which is listed for Maryland, the other three resided in New York, Pennsylvania, or Virginia. Transmitted by Virgil D. White.

Tercentenary History of Maryland
Brief biographies for Omer Thomas Kaylor (1885-?) and Harry Wesley Kaylor (1884-?), both residents of Hagerstown, MD, but apparently not related.

Western Maryland Pioneers
Includes Kailer, Kaler, Kaylor and Caylor in this compilation by Hilda Chance.

Washington County, Maryland: Marriages Vol.1, 1799-1830
Compiled by Dale W. Morrow, this index, published in 1979, lists four marriages: three Kailer and one Kaller.  Mary Ann Kaylor has sent names from a sequel series, Washington County, Maryland Marriages, 1799 - 1860, by Dale Morrow and Deborah Jensen Morrow, published in 1982.

Wills of Washington County, Maryland: An Index, 1776-1890
Information forwarded by Mary Ann Kaylor from another Morrow resource.

Cemetery Inscriptions of Washington County
Yvonne Wyrick sent me a summary of Kaylor burials in Washington County. The majority of the inscriptions are for Kaylor and Kailer. A few listings include spelling variations: Kailor, Kaler, and Caylor.

Census Information:

1850 Census
Transcription of census details for Kaylor and Caylor found in Baltimore Wards 4, 8 & 9Baltimore Wards 18 & 19;  and for Carroll & Somerset Counties.  Also included is a summary of census index information for Kailer, Kailor, Kaler, Kayler, Koehler, Kohler, and Koller.

Was your Kaylor from Germany?

German "Kaylors"? Think again. Following a discussion of the Köhler (with umlaut) and Koehler (oe=umlauted "o") spellings on the KOEHLER mail list, Paul Beauregard suggested checking the German telephone book for Kaylor and its various spellings. If the German ancestor's name is spelled Kaylor, it may likely be an Americanized version of Köhler/Koehler.

  • Kohler -   5,556 names
  • Köhler - 40,115 names
        (with umlauted "o")
  • Kailer -       174 names
  • Kaler -          10 names
  • Kayler -          3 names
  • Kaylor -          0 names

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    Maryland Kaylor Homepages & Other Links:

    Kaylor Family Page - Part of the Family Ties web site.  A page devoted to my ancestors, George & Margaret Kaylor of Baltimore, Maryland, and their descendants. The surname database and this page were created in their memory.

    My Family Genealogy: Robert Kaylor and Mary Ann Stewart - Includes descendants of Daniel Henry Kaylor, born circa 1808 in Pennsylvania and died in 1884, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN. Mary Ann has been trying to find Daniel's elusive father, Daniel Kaylor, born circa 1775, in Maryland or Pennsylvania. Daniel Henry's wife,

    General Kaylor & Maryland Resources:

    Mail Lists - Visit the Kaylor & Kaler Mail List Home Page to learn how to subscribe to the various KAYLOR, KALER, KOHLER, KOEHLER, and KAHLER mail lists. These email lists provide an avenue for discussion and exchange of family information. Each list is devoted to the surname regardless of time period or location.

    Kaylor Family Genealogy Forum - Genforum provides web space for specific surname postings. This list is for the Kaylor surname and all of its obvious variations worldwide. It is not limited to one geographic location.  Search through current and past postings and/or leave your own message.

    MDGenWeb Project Homepage - Coordinated by the Maryland GenWeb site staff, providing general information and links to the state's various counties, as well as the City of Baltimore. 

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