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  • According to Mary Rose Delworth Keehne, her family name was originally pronounced something along the line of Dolory, Delory, or Delurey. Steve Delworth, researched the origins of the surname and believed that it may have first been spelled "Deloughery". Steve found in The Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght (1978 edition), that spellings such as Deloorey, Dilloughery, and its synonym Dilworth, are from the root name Deloughery. I have not seen the family bible, however, I am told that it includes the following spellings: Dolory, Delory, Dilworth, & Delworth.

    In the 1883 edition of History of Winona County the surname is spelled Dilworth; in the 1913 edition it is Delworth.

  • It is believed that the Fitzgibbon family traveled first to St. John, New Brunswick, prior to arriving in New York.

  • Until recently the information for Mary's family was very limited. Based on information and photographs shared by Jack Delworth we believed Mary may have had a brother J.D. Fitzgibbon, with the following daughters:
    • J.D. Fitzgibbon
      • Julia Fitzgibbon
      • Mary Fitzgibbon
      • Ella Fitzgibbon m. Mr. Murrin
        • Estelle Murrin m. Mr. Liebe
          • Mary Liebe

    The 1883 edition of History of Winona County lists a "M. Fitzgibbons" as part of the group that traveled from New York to Minnesota with Lawrence, Mary, and their children. Possibly a relative of Mary's? The 1850 census index lists a number of individuals with the surname of Fitzgibbons or Fitzgibbon living in Rensselaer and Albany counties.

  • City directories in St. Louis now show a connection between Jeremiah Delworth, eldest son of Mary Fitzgibbon, and a MAURICE H. FITZGIBBON. Jeremiah's name appears in the 1875 edition of the directory living at 808 Tayon Avenue, the same address as Maurice H. Fitzgibbon. The 1876 directory lists Jeremiah as a carpenter, working at the following address:
    Fitzgibbon M.H. & Co. (Maurice H. Fitzgibbon and Jeremiah Delworth), carps. and bldrs. 419 S. 12th

    Maurice H. Fitzgibbon appears several times during the 1860s. JAMES D. FITZGIBBON, also a carpenter, appears in the 1869 and 1874 directories as living at the 808 Tayon residence. The 1877 directory lists ELLA FITZGIBBON, teacher, boarding at the same address. A street called Tayon no longer exists, but I learned later that it became an extension of 18th Street. Maurice appears in the St.Louis Death Register: died 21 Feb 1882, widow, age 58, born in Ireland, buried in Calvary Cemetery. Checking mircrofiche records for Calvary Cemetery did not reveal any reference to Maurice H. Fitzgibbon. Ed Schmidt has since found that information through the original records at the cemetery. Notations made on the Murrin family plot indicate that Maurice was buried in that plot in 1882; his remains were later moved to the plot described below, purchased by Kate Fitzgibbon in 1902.

    Calvary Cemetery records indicate the following for ELLA (Fitzgibbon) MURRIN (with age at death and date of interment). The lot was purchased by Kate Fitzgibbons in 1902:

    Ella Murrin
    Julia Fitzgibbon
    Mary J. Fitzgibbons
    Catherine Fitzgibbons
    19 Sept 1929
    5 Feb 1902
    4 Feb 1918
    8 April 1914

    There are a number of other Fitzgibbon and Fitzgibbons that appear regularly in the city directories. Census records should help clarify some of the relationships.

  • Easton is located in Washington County along the Rensselaer county line. It is just north of neighoring Schagticoke, where St. John Catholic Church is located. The area continues to be agricultural to this day, and retains much of its early charm and natural beauty.

    Lawrence and Mary met and were married in Easton, NY, County of Washington. Their first four children were born there and the family is listed in the 1850 Easton Federal Census under the name "Dilvert". The family living next door to Lawrence is Daniel "Dilvart". Further research leads us to believe that Daniel and Lawrence were related either as brothers or cousins. The birth of Laurence Augustine Delurey, O.S.A., son of Daniel, is recorded in Lawrence and Mary's family bible. Father Laurence stayed with Jeremiah Delworth in St. Louis on a number of visits during early 1900's.

    Descendants of Daniel Delury/Delurey:

    • Daniel Delury b. 1818, d. 1889, Easton, NY; m. Catherine Sheridan, b. 1823
      • Norah (Honora) Delury 1849-1904
      • George Delury 1856-1915; m. Mary J. 1853-1899
      • John Delury 1857-1930; m. Nellie Cronin 1859-1935
        • Michael Delurey
          • Maureen Delurey
        • Anna Delurey
        • Daniel Delurey 1889-1953; m. Elena Boose, 1893-1973
          • Rita Mae Delurey
          • Raymond Delurey
          • John Delurey
          • Myla Delurey
        • Mae Delurey
        • Monica Delurey 1893-1901
        • Lawrence Delurey
      • Thomas Delury 1860-1888; m. Anne, 1850-1884
      • David Delury 1862-1942; m. Mary Jane Mc Mahon, 1876-1946
      • Father Laurence Augustine Delurey, O.S.A. 1864-1922
        Father Laurence attended Villanova College, received ordination in 1890, and celebrated his first solemn high mass at St. John's in Schagticoke. He was president of Villanova College from 1895-1910.

    Gloria Delurey, wife of John Delurey, shared the above information with us. The family gravesites are in the Schaghticoke Cemetery.

  • In 1852 Lawrence and Mary joined the Western Farm & Village Association, a pioneer society created to help its members leave the city and form a colony on government lands in the west, specifically in Winona, Minnesota, at that time part of the Minnesota Territory. Lawrence and Mary's daughter, Ellen, died shortly after arriving in Winona.

  • THE SLEEPER COMPANY is a fine source for genealogical and historical information about Washington County, NY. The publishing company, which specializes in Washington County, NY, northeastern NY, and the Revolutionary War, was founded by Laura Hulslander. In addition to a wide sampling of books, the company also offers The Sleeper News, a quarterly newsletter on Washington County, and The Sleeper Query, a quarterly query publication which includes New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island. Also check out the Washington County web site part of the New York GenWeb.

    Laura was dedicated to the pursuit of genealogical research and to making material readily available for researchers. Laura's enthusiasm was contagious :) She also published indexes for material that she had transcribed, maintained the Washington County web sit, and provided assistance to others. Laura died April 2, 2000 after battling inflammatory breast cancer. I was just one of many people she helped.

  • I was also fortunate to receive assistance from Sister Berchman of the Albany Diocese Archives; Carol Seneca, the Washington County Archivist; and local historians, Chris Kelly of Schagticoke and Earline Hauser of Easton, both of whom were kind enough to meet with me during my 1996 visit.

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A Field Trip to St. Louis

The Kearey-Keehne family reunion, June 1998, provided a good opportunity to spend some time in St. Louis doing a little genealogical research. Summary with an annotated list of places visited and photographs of the Old Cathedral.

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