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International Genealogical Index


Hugh Wallis' IGI Page

This site contains a very powerful feature which is a hotlink from each batch number to the actual search engine provided at family search  including the ability to enter the surname you are looking for. This makes it very easy to search all the batch numbers for a particular location using just the last name you are searching for - something that is not possible directly from the LDS site without doing a lot of typing. It also connects towns that are listed in more than one county in the IGI which can sometimes be a problem causing you to lose a relly because you are looking across a county border.


Batch Numbers Compiled by Rich Parsons 

9 December 2001

This is a complete list for Cornwall as of the July 1998 Parish and Vital Records Index. All leading letters are accounted for except "E" which seems to be interchangeable for "M".


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