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Hi I hope you can help.

 I found this photo attached to some information about the WEARNE family!! I'm not sure if is is Joseph WEARNE that sailed to sydney on the 'Harbinger' in 1849 or has nothing to do with the Wearne family at all.


This photograph was taken in Newlyn East.

The only person known in the picture is the little girl peeking from behind the lady on the left. This little girl is Gwendoline Cassie Lawer. She was born in 1908.

So I would guess this photo was taken about 1912?


Camborne Grammar Girls School abt 1918


Margaret Joyce BRAY (1904-74) is standing fourth from the right at the back. The rest are unknown.
I believe she was taught by an author, cannot remember her name.

A boy's school, probably Roskear. I think Joyce's brother may be at the bottom somewhere. About 1910.
Unknown Sports photo, prob. Camborne again




These are photos of my ggg-grandfather Esau FRANCIS and family.

This is a photo sent to my gggrandfather, Esau FRANCIS, in Australia from his sisters in Cornwall. It could be an 1890's wedding of one of the older children of Matilda nee FRANCIS (Esau's sister) & Charles LAWRY.  
This is possibly a photo of Isaac FRANCIS (1806-1876) of Padstow. He was father of over 10 children, including the above-mentioned Esau and Matilda  
The reverse of this photo (right) gives a clue to its date - ca. 1871 to 1881 the photographer was in business at this address. It is believed it could be one of Esau FRANCIS' brothers - perhaps William Thomas (Tom) FRANCIS born 1852, as he is mentioned in one of the letters sent to Esau by his sisters. The words written in pencil were added recently after a guess as to the person's identity.
This is believed to be a photo of Esau FRANCIS' sister, Rebecca (1858-?1935). She did not marry and later moved to Portsmouth where she lived with her cousin, Cyrus ROACH.
This may be the above-mentioned Cyrus ROACH, a cousin to the FRANCIS family. Elizabeth ROACH married the above-mentioned Isaac FRANCIS. It is believed this photo was reprinted in the late 1880s from a photo taken much earlier. Cyrus lived near Landport which is a part of Portsmouth as he worked in the dockyards.  



The photo below was found in Newlyn (West), Cornwall and belonged to a descendant of the KELYNACK and BEADON Families. It's possible this photo is of Elizabeth Lawrence Boase KELYNACK (wife of James KELYNACK) or Grace Payne James BEADON. First husband of Grace was Nicholas KELYNACK and second husband was William BEADON. Photo could be from late 1850s or early 1860s, although the dress appears to be from an earlier period.Can you identify her?

The photo below may have been taken about 1906 in Redruth. It is possibly Elizabeth Ann TREWARTHA MICHELL (1843-12) and her twin sister, Mary Jane TREWARTHA MILLS (1843-1926). Elizabeth MICHELL was my great-great grandmother. It is also possible these women could be BOSANKO sisters. No additional information available.





These cabinet photos were taken at a Trevaskis Studio in Leedstown, Cornwall. They appear to have been taken at the same time abt 1892-94. (dates based on clothing, settings, and photographer's stamp on back.) If correct the mother is Mary Amelia (BARTLE) TREVARTHEN b. abt. 1859; wife of Thomas. The girls would be Maude b. 1879, Edda Ann/Ada b. 1881, Amelia b. 1883, Jane b. 1885 or Elizabeth b. 1855. The woman in the inset is likely either Grace (BARTLE) JAMES (?) b. 1857 or Harriet (BARTLE) HOCKING/JENNINGS b. 1855 d. 1920

The family names associated with my ancestors from that area are: TREVARTHEN/THAN/TEN/TON, BARTLE, TAYLOR, HOCKING, RODDA


Thank you for any information you might have!

Anna Hall, Washington State, USA


This is a photo of the county regiment D. C. L. I. Duke of Cornwall´s Light Infantry WW1. I am looking for identification of Corpral Donald Arthur TOWNEND born Sept 1896 in Islington, London, he went to Cornwall as an Agricultural Student, married May BOADEN of Skyburiowe Farm, Mawgan, September 12 1921. Jane Hasenbeck


My great grandmother Elizabeth Ann TREGONING was born April 7 ? and died Feb 25,1917 in Boulder, CO. (USA). She came to America in 1847 and married Henry CHAPMAN on November 1st. Henry CHAPMAN was born on April 28, 1847 or 1848, died January 17, 1916, also in Boulder. Both came from Cornwall, but might have lived in Birmingham before they came to the US. They lived in Colorado where CHAPMAN was a miner in Carribou and later in Sugar Loaf and after that the family moved to Boulder. Their daughter, my grandmother Bessie Chapman SELLERS, had 2 other sisters Lila Chapman BREACH and Louise Chapman CHAMBERLAIN.

Nancy Carlin

I think this photo is of the BURDEN ladies with my gggrandmother Susan LOBB (nee BURDEN) sitting 4th from left with the white flowers in her bonnet. It looks like a photo that would have been taken at a funeral. Susan had five sisters with an age difference of about 20 years from oldest to youngest. Susan, husband James Henry & 3 children emigrated to New Zealand in 1892/1893 so the photo was taken before September 1893 although I know she went back to Cornwall possibly in mid 1904. On the back of the photo it states J E Oatley, Art Photographer, The Studio, Wadebridge.

Many thanks, Sue King (Taupo)

I inherited a photo album and I know that it is part of my COCK family from Camborne and surrounding areas in Cornwall. Can you identify the people in the photos?

Would love to hear from you! Regards, Glynis

South Africa: Blignaut, Mey, Cock, Ternent, Cowlard, Hugo,
England: Clay, Ternent, Cowlard, Mettham,
Cornwall: Cock, Tonkin, Thomas, Phillips, Millett, Mumford, Richards,
India: Brandon, Millett, Clay, Volkers, Crux,



This is Jane Harris, daughter of George and Maria Harris from the Parish of Perranzabuloe in Cornwall, England.
She was born around 1849 and had a child in 1869 as a single woman. She named her daughter Elizabeth Jane Harris. Would love to have any information!

Karen Mabey



Miners at the Richard Mine in Morris County, New Jersey (USA). The man in the center with a white shirt and straw hat is Alfred John LOBB who became Asst. Superintendant in 1910 and became Superintendant 25 Jun 1914 during a strike. He was replaced in Feb of some year according to a newspaper article (for which I have no date). He was my great grandfather and went from the clay pits of Bugle-St. Austell to NJ in 1884, followed in 1885 by my great grandmother Emma (HOOPER) LOBB and their oldest child (of 14) Maggie, my grandmother and the only child born in Cornwall. The rest were all born in New Jersey where the LOBBS remained.

There were thousands of other Cornish in Morris County, New Jersey, and probably several in this photo. I'm hoping that it's a photo in the albums of many families who lived in the area who may have stayed or moved on to mines in other parts of the country.

Nancy Heydt


(my g-grandfather) 1 Mar 1845 CON - 14 Jan 1918 CA

Came to San Francisco, California, USA from Cornwall in 1865 at age 20 and worked the New Almaden (Quicksilver) Mines in San Jose. He married Ellen BENNEY (d/o James & Elizabeth BENNETTS BENNEY of St. Cleer) in 1875 Santa Clara, California, USA. and the family moved to Grass Valley, CA. John worked at the Empire Mine until he retired about 1900 and moved the family to San Francisco. It's possible he knew the PEARCE brothers of Crowan. His sister-in-law, Catherine Lyne BENNEY m. James PEARCE. My grandfather, Adrian OLIVER, had the middle name Pearce/Pierce. Yvonne Oliver Bowers (Photo on left courtesy of my cousin, Sandy Goolsby)

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Charles Warmington GLASSON b. 1864, Redruth Cornwall emigrated to Vermont, USA, with his parents and came to California in June of1890. Married and raised his family in San Francisco, CA. He died at a Stanford Univ football game in 1946. Superintendent for the Vermont Marble Company of Proctor, VT and San Francisco, CA  [picture circa 1939, Hilton, Russian River, California].

Earl Harvey


Joseph Trevenon TOY b. 1854, Pool, Cornwall migrated to San Jose, CA. and was employed by the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines as an engine driver. He married, in 1889, Annie Louise JOB [1871-1944] and raised his family in San Jose. He died in 1929.

[This may be a marriage photo].


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"Photographer W. E. Hawken was in Lostwithiel. The "granny' in the picture is probably Dorothy Bawden Harris, chr at Helland 3 Jun, 1787. She was at Penquite, Lanlivery, in 1841; St. Columb Minor in 1851; and Tangier(Lostwithiel) in 1861.She hasn't been found in the 1871 census, so I assume this picture was taken between 1861 and 1871. The girls, or boys in dresses, might have been the children of the lady in both pictures. This could have been Elizabeth of Lostwithiel, who married Joseph Harris of Lanlivery per the 1851 Liskeard census. It would appear that the woman in the other picture was the same person. The back of this picture says: >From the Studio of T. Price, 2 Peter Street, Jersey, all negatives kept, No 20 " 42?."Larry Smith

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This picture is of one of my great-grandmas whom I do not know. However the little girl with her is Doris Edna COCK born in Camborne 15 July 1900 and died 9 June 1930 from cardiac dropsy. She stayed at 31 Vyvyan Street with her parents in Camborne. The inscription behind the photo says " Little Doris with Grandma". Doris Edna COCK was my grandfather's sister (my great aunt). I have a feeling the old lady could be a THOMAS,but I'm not sure.

Glynis Millett-Clay

Note: The photo was taken by Major Darker Studios in Camborne.


Arabella & William COCK (above) are the parents of William John COCK Jr. who married Lucy THOMAS (my great grandparents). I think the old lady in the photo left must be Lucy's mother because Doris Edna's mother was Lucy THOMAS


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Richard OLIVER came to Canada with his wife Ann and his sons. Richard was my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. His son Robert, my Great-Great-Grandfather, was born in Gorram in Cornwall on August 29, 1829. If anyone has information on Richard's wife I would appreciate the knowledge. All I know is that she was born in 1800 in England and died in Nov 5, 1867 in Reach Township, Ontario County, Canada.

Marilyn Willette

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