Marie Stenberg -- my Grandmother

Marie Stenberg -- my Grandmother

by: Charles Young

Marie was born in Onowa, Iowa. Around 1910 she moved with her father, step mother, and an older brother to near Newcastle, Wyoming. Marie left home and moved to Billings, Montana in 1911 where she married Charles Arnold. Marie was 32 and Charles was in his early to mid 50's. Their daughter Mina was born while they were living in Billings.

In 1945 Emily Bonney wrote a letter to Mom (Mina) in which she described Marie.

"Your mother was a good student in school as far as she went and wrote a very good hand with correct spelling and grammar. I did not see much of her, my cousin, after we left the farm in 1890 and moved to the county seat Onawa Iowa. The Stenberg family visited us there but I never remember of visiting their home at Ariola until after Aunt Maria had died. I would say in 1902 but not sure."

"Your mother was always very neat in her dress and personal appearance. Her hair was always neatly combed. Her hands were small and nicely formed. She was a friendly disposition and made friends easily. Her life was rather lonely after her father sold his farm near Sioux City, Iowa and took a homestead in Wyoming..."

It is a blessing that Emily and others shared information in letters, and that Mom was able to keep those letters.

The family moved a few times after Mina was born. You can read about it in Mina's life story. Charles and Marie Arnold are buried in a cemetery just east of Newcastle.

Charles Arnold Arnold family with Ida and Polly
Charles Arnold
Arnold family; Charles, Mina, and Marie with Ida and Polly Stenberg.

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