Lilly Phipps Family
by: Charles Young

Lilly Phipps Family

Lilly was born in 1945 in Crestone, Colorado. The family later moved to near Huntsville, Arkansas. Lilly moved to Wisconsin to live with her brother Gerald and his wife Della, but was homesick and came back to the farm. Then she went to Colorado to live with her brother Vern and his wife Sue. Shortly after that her Dad got sick, so she came to Fort Smith to help take care of him.

Childhood memories;

We had several magpies in Colorado and one in Arkansas. They could talk as good as a parrot. We had a truck that was high off the ground. The magpie liked to perch under the truck. One day he hopped up on the exhaust pipe just after the truck had been driven and said "hot hot". Cousin Mina wrote about one of the magpies, and it was published in a magazine. You can read it here.
1981 This family photo was taken in 1981.

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