Lee Phipps family
Noble Phipps

Lee and Marie Phipps family history
(Noble and Betty Phipps)

by: Charles Young

Lee remarried in 1999. That marriage is on another page.

He is now known as Lee, but I refer to him as Noble during the time that he went by that name. Noble Leroy Phipps was born in 1940 in Crestone, Colorado. He moved with the family to a farm in Northwest Arkansas. Noble left the farm in August 1958, and came to Fort Smith, Arkansas. He lived with us (The Dayton and Mina Young Family) in Fort Smith August 1958 to April 1959. Then he moved to South I Street for a while, and he lived on 51st Street for a few years.

Central Assembly of God Church Noble attended Central Assembly of God Church with us where he met Betty Quinalty. Noble and Betty are both singers, and they started singing together at church. Betty is pictured second from left. In 1960 Noble married Betty and they had 3 children. The family later lived near Rogers, Arkansas and Clayton, Oklahoma.

Pictured left to right: Martha Hasty, Betty (Marie) Quinalty (Now Marie Johnson), Marilyn Gross, and Selma Irvin. Noble (Lee) is in the background at the far right.

Park Avenue Dale Young baby The baby is not Chann. It is my brother Dale. The photo was taken before Noble and Betty were married.

My Dad, Dayton Young, took all these black and white photos.

Noble Phipps family
The family photo was taken in front of the house on 51st Street. Left to right; Betty, Buz, Chann, and Noble.

Chann and Buz visit granparents Chann and Buz visited their granparents' farm when they were little. They are standing in front of Grandfather Phipps. Left to right: Aunt Valerie, Uncle Weston, and Grandmother Phipps.

Noble started going by Lee Phipps, and Betty started going by Marie. Lee and Marie divorced. During her second marriage, Marie had 2 more children, Jay and Lisa Matthews. Lee has 2 grandchildren, and Marie has 3.

    5-Noble "Lee" Leroy PHIPPS (1940- ) Parents
      m.(1960) Betty Marie QUINALTY (1941- )
    6-Channon Noble PHIPPS (1961- )
    6-Clayton Oliver "Buz" PHIPPS (1964- )
    6-Darrell Lee PHIPPS (1969- )
Betty Marie

This photo of Marie was likely taken in the 1970's. Marie plays the guitar and sings.

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