Jerry Phipps Family

Jerry Phipps Family

by: Charles Young
Jerry Phipps  

Jerry and his family live in Madison, Wisconsin. He worked in computer consulting firms for the University of Wisconsin in Madison and other state agencies for twelve years. In 1997 he formed Jerry Phipps Consulting. Jerry graduated from Lakeland College. Jerry and his wife Barb have three children. Both of the boys play for the Waunakee Youth Hockey Association.

In late 1999 Jerry wrote:

I was just surfing the Web, and luckily I stumbled across your page, and now have it book marked. You have done a nice job. I enjoy the stories and actually did learn some new things about some ancestors and relatives.

I am a song leader for worship services in my church. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior when I was eight years old, at Bible Camp. It was the first time I heard and understood the gospel message, and it was my desire to obey the will of God. It was just before my grandpa Phipps died. I remember wondering if my grandpa had accepted Christ, and if I would see him up in heaven. He was the first dead person I ever saw. The gift of salvation was so new to me at that time, and I did not really know my grandpa. I had only seen him a couple times for short visits when I was very young.

I really enjoy the newsletter pictures of all the family members. It is fun to see the family resemblance. I can see certain characteristic traits that my dad, uncle's and aunt's have, that the cousins and I have, and that our kids have.

A few years ago, cousin Darrell came around for a visit. We had a picnic for him. We had a great time talking, singing and playing guitar and the like. He was real good with the little ones. They had a lot of fun at the playground area with him. It was nice to get to know him.

It is great to see and read about how God has worked in the lives of relatives, and that he is very important to them. Keep up the good work on the web site.

God Bless you and yours.

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