Ida Hockemeyer Young -- my Grandmother
Ida Hockmeyer - courtesy Robert Miller  
Ida Hockmeyer

Ida Hockemeyer Young
my Grandmother

by: Charles Young

Ida was born and raised near Campbellton, Missouri. After finishing public school, she took nursing classes as evidenced by her notebook dated 1-8-1908. Her notes included topics such as minor surgery and mid wife duties. The following year she was attending meetings to learn about charity work and social causes. She was interested in the work of orphanages and particularly the Missouri Children's Home in Saint Louis. Ida attended the Epworth Methodist school in Saint Louis run by a woman whose last name was Vennard. Ida would later name her son Dayton Vennard.

Ida graduated from bible school in 1910 and was sent to Fort Smith to serve as a deaconess in the Methodist church there -- sort of a home missionary. The photos are probably from her school years.

Ida took typing class to prepare for work as a church secretary. She never owned a typewriter herself. She wrote longhand letters to family and friends, kept a diary sometimes, and wrote articles for a church magazine "The Torchlight".

Ida met widower Willard Young at church and they married in 1912. She came to dislike the Methodist Church because she thought it took more to be saved than just shaking the preacher's hand. She attended an Aimee Semple McPherson meeting in St. Louis and saw people being saved and healed. She left the Methodist church and looked for a church that believed in miracles and spiritual living. She started attending the "Dodson Avenue" (now Evangel Temple) Assembly of God Church where she taught an adult sunday school class. From time to time she also visited other churches and attended street services near the mission downtown. For a time she led a weekly women's bible class in Carnegie Library.

Ida and Dayton's church goings are detailed in part of Dayton's life story. Don't get lost, use your browser's BACK button to come back to this story after following the links.

When Dayton was a child, Ida started taking in roomers to supplement their income. Read more about that in Dayton's life story.

Ida with her sisters and son

In the fall of 1938, three of Ida's sisters came to Fort Smith for a visit. Ida is at the top left in white. Her son, Dayton, is at the bottom right. Dad thinks that Mary is at the bottom left, and Anna is at the top right.

Ida Hockemeyer Young and son Dayton Ida Hockemeyer Young and son Dayton

Ida and her son Dayton. The photo on the right was taken on Mother's Day, 1940.

Ida's brother, Ed Hockmeyer, lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He and his family came to Fort Smith for a visit many times. Ida also visited Ed and family in Muskogee many times. Ida visited and received visits from her brother Ted Hockmeyer in Houston, Texas, and other relatives in Washington and New Haven Missouri.

When Dayton was young, his sister from Oklahoma City, Maud Young Lauhon, and her daugthers would come for visits. In 1941 Ida visited Maud and her daugther, Mary Elizabeth Lauhon Reynolds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Sometime after Dayton got married in 1950, Ida started attending First Baptist Church. It was within walking distance although she often got a ride to church. She appreciated the fact that the church was looking for the soon return of Jesus Christ. Although she attended regularly, she did not join the church because they would require her to be rebaptized. She wrote, "I've been baptised in the creek and that satisfies me."

More than once Ida wrote about the church in letters to her sister, Anna Miller, in Washington, Missouri. Anna's grandson, Robert Miller, was stationed at Camp Chaffee near Fort Smith. Ida recommended the First Baptist church as one that he should attend. She said that the pastor, J. Herold Smith, was a fine preacher. Her only complaint was that he had not accepted that the New Testament Holy Spirit baptism was for modern Christians. Anna was somewhat familiar with Reverand Smith. She could hear him on the radio as he had a daily radio program, The Radio Bible Hour, which was heard on many stations all across the U.S.A.

The following excerpts from Ida's diary give a nice glimpse of some highlights of her life.

Parts of Ida Hockmeyer Young's diaries

I arrived at Ft. Smith on June 25, 1910. Was met at the station by Mrs. Steel and taken to the parsonage. Sunday was introduced to the SS and morning congregation.
Monday 6-27-10
Mrs. Graham and I drove out to see a young girl who was in trouble. After listening to her story for an hour and a half we had prayers together.
Tuesday 6-28-10
I helped Bro Steel make out a new church roll. Mrs. S took me for a drive in the evening.
Wed 6-29-10
I began calling on the church members. Met some very nice people. Prayed with one.
Thurs 6-30-10
Called on 4 families and read the 15th chapter of John and prayed at Mrs. Prathers.
July 1st 1910
Called on 7 families 2 institutions and went to a Lawn Social given by the Anglers SS class at Miss Henley's home.
I talked to the SS on how to become an effectual missionary used the black board.
Visited Sparks Memorial hospital and the Catholic Infirmary prayed with 2 christian ladies talked to 2 men. Was invited to come again. Mrs. G.W. Brown called in the evening. Watched the fire workers from Bro Steel's porch.
August 15 1910
Since my last entry I have come to live with Mrs. Prather who is a very sweet christian woman with 2 dear girls. Have had blessed experience especially in visiting the sick. A Mrs. Savage was saved while visiting and praying for her. Have been at Chataugua meetings, private picnics, socials, but nothing can compare with the blessing of pointing hungry souls to Christ. Today I was at Mrs. Tynes funeral, stayed there all day. Have been at 3 funerals since I came. Addressed WHM, taught the Anglers and the Bible class.
Sept 3 1910
The way is growing brighter every day. The Lord let me lead 4 souls to Him. Misus Brown, Starner, Sprinkler, and Miss Elsworth. Surely it is "more blessed to give than to receive." Bro Jn B. Andrews a sanctified evangelist is conducting a revival meeting in the east end of town. Am calling only on the sick during this meeting. Have been teaching a SS at the Rescue Home for the past few Sundays. Am substituting for Mrs. Penninger at Central. There is much to do but am happy in doing it.
Sept 14, 1910
While at SS on the 4th inst I rec'd a telegram that (my sister in-law) Perle (Rothgeb Hockmeyer) had died suddenly. The Lord kept me in perfect peace thru the morning service and thru'out the day. I left at midnight for Dallas expecting to take charge of the children but it was decided best for me to return which I did a week later. All seemed glad to have me return and I was glad to take up my work again.

We began cottage prayer meeting preparitory for the revival week. Was invited to hold a meeting at Greenwood during week of prayer in October.

Christmas eve 1910
To my great surprise I was presented with a beautiful gold watch, half doz. handkerchief & pair of kid gloves from the ladies of the church besides 8 other handkerchiefs, 2 jabots 1 corset cover, 1 neck scarf, 1 silk waist, bookmark, 2 pairs of cuffs & collars, 2 calanders, 1 motto, 1 picture of christ, 4 boxes of fine candy, $1, 2 books, box stationary.
Dec 27, 1910
Went to Muskogee to visit (nephew) Paul and (brother) Ed (Hockmeyer). Had a great time called on a few friends and spent an afternoon with Mrs. Rose then after supper Mrs. Cutler and I went to the City Mission. Came home on Saturday.
Jan 18, 1910
A new experience for me. I held a funeral service for a baby of Rescue home.
Feb 5, 1910
I gave the message at the jail in the afternoon. Subject "the cleansed Life" from Matt 8:2-4
Sunday Feb 12, 1910
Opened a Sunday School with 31 present. Mr. Mechem gave us an organ. He led the singing. Good interest was shown.
June 30th, 1910
I visited Miss Bell at Fayetteville Miss Umbaugh at Springdale and attended a wedding of the WHM meeting at Bentonville. Misses Belle Bennett & Miss Gibson had charge of the meeting. On July 6th, 1910 I came to board with the Hicks girls.

Our Trip Down South (A missionary trip / vacation)

Jan 10, 1913

We left home at 11 AM for the Kansas City Southern (train). It was raining and not very cold. Took a nice lot of lunch with us to eat on our way. The scenery along the mountains of Ark & Okla were beautiful. We took supper at Texarkana. After breakfast next morning we arrived at Beaumont, Tex about 2 hours late. Got out to (brother) Ted's (Hockmeyer) at about 1 PM. Ted met us at the station, took an auto to his home where we were soon served a nice dinner. They keep 2 servants and we faired well. Next day being Sunday we went to Sunday School and service.

After dinner we took a walk over town. The lawns were as green, roses in bloom and trees in foliage as they are in June with us. Monday 9 AM we again took the train for San Antonia where we arrive at 7:10 PM took supper on the diner and went to the St. Anthony hotel. Paid $3 per day for rooms and took our meals at the YU. They were fine too. We took in a good deal of the city. Altho it rained almost every day we were there. Went to prayer meeting at Travis M.E. church.

Thurs Jan 15, 1913
We came to Laredo Tex there to await for further information from Mr. Morgan. Went to the Hamilton hotel at noon and in PM took a long walk to see the town. Saw many interesting scenes. The primitave Mexican in their peculiar little dark houses interested us greatly. We took several snap shots of them with our Kodak. Another queer sight were the little donkey water carts, and the ox carts. Could hardly make ourselves understood in the stores, as they were nearly all run by Mexicans. Saturday AM we crossed the river to old Mexico. That town was not unlike this. The market place was interesting. We bought some of the best oranges we ever ate. They were grown in Mexico and the season was ripe for them. We saw some large orange and lemon trees loaded down with fruit. The weather is so warm and pleasant that I put on my summer union suit and went without a wrap. Sunday AM we went to the ME church and SS heard a very good sermon. In the evening went to hear a return missionary from China at the Baptist church. We were impressed with the fact that the churches of different denominations fellowship together. We weighed at the toll station. Mr. Young weighed 174 lb & I 144 lb.
Jan 22, 1913
We left Laredo 8 AM for Monerrey. Arrived there about 2 PM took in some of the town, saw the old cathedrals, the governors palace which was beautiful. The plazas too were pretty. Orange trees were loaded with fruit and the best we ever ate. Our meals didn't suit us very well but we fell back on fruit. AT 9 PM we started for Mexico City hadn't gotten more than 3 miles when our train was said to be held up by insurrectionists. We were laid up among the mountains for 12 hours or more. The natives were crude, ignorant and poor beyond description. The dobies they lived in seemed hardly tall enough to stand in. Pigs, chickens, dogs and everything they owned seemed to live in there together. The cooked their meals on an open fire, buiscuits were cooked in hot ashes. We were offered a breakfast of this sort.

We finally started again for Mexico City where we arrived about noon of Jan 23rd. We met a Mrs. Elliott whose husband runs a hotel in that city so we went with her to the Sarrz. Paid $5.50 per day for board and room. The room was practically without day light, as most houses seem to be here, except a sky light and glass in the door. Our meals were served nicely and were very good. We ate once, began seeing the city and saw much that astonished us. The ancient way and the modern way of living are presented side by side. Men and donkeys are loaded down with heavy bulky loads carrying them a great distance while at the same time the auto is seen spinning alongside them. The man with a sprinkling car is seen alongside the sprinkling wagon. A great distinction between rich and poor is shown. We went to see the ancient cathedrals. The finishing of the interior some were gorgeious. Found worshippers in them at all hours. The poor sat or kneeled on the stone floors. We had a guide to show us the different places and things of interest. Also went to see the president's palace rather the grounds to the place. Saw some of the Gove palace as we did at Monterrey where we stopped a half day on our way here. Sunday we could not go out because Mr. Young was sick. We went to SS but had to come home soon. We visited ME South mission where Miss Case is in charge. They have a school of about 200 pupils and are doing much good among the middle class and wealthy natives. It was very interesting to us.

Feb 1, 1913
Mr. Young took sick between Satillo and San Antonio, Tex but we traveled all night to get to (brother) Ted's (Hockmeyer) where we stayed for 10 days before he was able to continue our journey. Had a Dr. & nurse. The Giles and Ted were very nice to us but we longed to be at home. We finally arrived home on the 11th. Gene (Willard's son) and the girls (Willard's daughters) met us at the station.
May 25, 1913
Three months have passed since I entered anything in this diary. The most important thing I entered which occurred since or before was when our little Dayton Vennard came on May 1st. He is really a fine little fellow, to me beautiful. I took sick at 2 PM on May 1st, sent for Dr Matsler & nurse and at 8 PM the baby was here. They said I did splendidly, but I thought I was having an awful hard time. Mrs. Bungler stayed with me 11 days after which I soon went down stairs for meals. On Sun May 18 I cooked the dinner, had Dayton in a rocking chair and he fell out but didn't get hurt. He weighed 7 1/4 lb when born and 8 lb when 2 weeks old, with clothes. My friends sent so many pretty flowers. Those who I recall just now who have been to see us are as follows. Messers. Beck, Yarbrough, Russell, Bunger, Ozment, Colter, Fletcher, the Morgans, Cantrell, Rowe, Bryan, Gordon, Monte, Dentons, Reynolds, Steisburg, Mathes, Stone, Lee, Black, Wright, Warnes, Joiner, Marks, Rutledge, Richmond, Slaughter, Bolton, Read, Womack, Seaman, Hughes, Stevenson, Linthicum, Barksdale, Knox, Cutler, Graham, Anderson, Marshall, Pitts, Griffin, Ward, Fisher, Page, Brown, Mechem, Mrs. Frank Wright Walden, Johnson, Bruce, Hall.

Dayton weighed 8 lb when 1 mo old 11 1/2 at 2 mo. Laughed at 2 mo. measured 24 in at this time. Just the sweetest baby ever.

Aug 1, 1913
At 3 mo. Dayton weighs 15 lb is perfectly well and is good as he can be. His little crib seems to please him very much. He loves to kick and coo in it by the hour. He notices things around him and seems to know me. We take him driving almost every evening. We enjoy him every hour. Miss Bonnell sent him a little kimoni from Japan, has storks embroyrid in it. We took his picture several times.
Sept 1, 1913
Dayton weighed 17 1/4 lb. Can almost sit alone. Is getting so strong and big. We take him to church and he is good but gets excited. Sept 15 he took his first street car ride. We went to see Mrs. Brown at Van Buren.
Sept 25, 1913
Dayton Vennard was "AT Home" to the Baby Division of the Missionary Society of our church. 15 babies and thier mothers were present. Mrs. Barksdale had a little program prepared. Served pineapple jellitine and white cake with pink icing "baby" on each little cake. All had a good time.
Sept 30, 1913
We took our first trip to Washington (Missouri). Dayton was as good in train as could be. Everybody said he was fine boy.
Nov 1st, 1913
Dayton weighs 19 1/2 lb. Sits up alone. I began to feed him some. Folks say he is as large as a year old baby. How he can teeter his little bed. Often wakes up at night teetering his bed. Very seldom cries at night even when he lays awake in the dark.
Nov 17, 1913
Weighs 20 1/3 lb. Tries to stand by holding on to his father's fingers. He sits in his high chair at the table and eats crackers, cream of wheat etc. Tries to talk. Can beat any baby kicking I ever saw.
Nov 25, 1913
Dayton cut a tooth today. He was pevish. Mrs. Stote who was here said "rub his guns" which I did with a thimble and we heard the noise.
Dec 1, 1913
Dayton can almost stand alone, this to take steps. He loves ice cream and chicken bone. He hums a little that sounds like a tune to (his sister) May's playing. He loves music. (Ida always wrote "May", but her name is really Mae)
Dec 21, 1913
He has another tooth. Stood up alone today by his high chair. He takes hold of my fingers and I hold his pants and lift him. He holds a long time.
Feb 1, 1914
Since writing last Dayton has learned to do so many cute and smart little things. He has great times in the bath tub with me. He uses his little stool regularly every morning and sometimes thru the day. He gets all over the house with his walker or on his knees as the occasion demands. He weighs 22 lb and has 4 teeth. We had his picture taken at 8 months.
March 1, 1914
I took Dayton to a little party at Mrs. Mechems lately and he was just as good as could be, was the center of attraction. Mrs. Beck also entertained us. He started what we think is intended a tune. The sweetest little tune to me.
April 20, 1914
Dayton began to walk. Mr. Stone started him and he likes it. He has 6 teeth and is cutting another.
April 30, 1914
(Dayton's brothers), Dave (Young), (his wife) Leona, and Gene (Young) took dinner with us in honor of Dayton's birthday the next day. He walks everywhere, gets into all sorts of mischeif viz into the refrigerator, bathroom, onto the edge of the porch and is as cute about it as can be. I began putting him to sleep without the breast. He cried at first but soon teetered himself to sleep in his little bed.
July 10, 1914
Dayton hasn't gained in weight for some time but is growing so tall. He weighs 22 1/2 lb. He seems to understand everything we say. I have been giving him shower baths which he loves and he delights in them. (Brother) Ed & Martha (Hockmeyer) were here last week and they thought him a "mighty fine baby." Can crawl up and down the stairs, runs after Daddy when he goes downtown, sings his little tune when May (Young, his half sister) plays.
Sept 1, 1914
I weaned our baby, he gave us no trouble, cried for it only a time or two. He had a hard fall off of the porch steps. Has a purple bump on his forhead. Have taken him to the open air meetings some. He has 4 jaw teeth now. Had no trouble getting them. The best baby ever.
Oct 1, 1914
I cut this lock of hair. He weighs 25 lb and is 32 2/3 in. tall. I weigh 114 lb.
Dec 15, 1914
Dayton got his first spanking, he well remembers it.
March 28, 1915
We had Dayton baptized. Bro Hughey took him up in his arms, he smiles at him so sweetly as tho he understood what it meant. His father had been at Hardy, Miss for 10 weeks, he knew him and love him so good when he got back. He says only words viz night, try, pie, light, don, etc. He is the center of attraction. Mrs. Jackson, our boarder, thinks a great deal of him.
May 2, 1915
Put trousers and waist on Dayton when he was 2 years old. (Dayton's brother) Gene (Young) and (his wife) Hettie were here to dinner.
May 8, 1915
Dayton took part in the Children's Day program at church. He has his cart decorated with roses. He was as cute as could be. Is always good at church now.
June 30, 1915
Dayton now weighs 26 1/3 lb and is 35 in. tall. He plays "don't look", "high up" with (his sister) Maud (Young) and they have a good time together.
Sept 1, 1915
Dayton tries so hard to talk. He plays church, sings, bows his head reverently and prays. Cries if we have grace at the table before he gets in the high chair. He went to SS with us.
May 1, 1916 (newspaper clipping)
Their Son was Three

Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Young enterained at a family dinner party Monday night at their home on North 21st street in celebration for the third birthday anniversary of their son, Dayton Young. Covers were placed for twelve. Seated with the host and the small honor guest were Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Croom and their daughter, Katherine Croom, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Young, Mrs. Clarence Lawhon, Miss May Young and Mr. Charles Overholt.

June 15, 1916
Dayton and I went to St. Louis and Washington, Mo. He was as good all the way as could be. He got a cinder in his eye and I had to take him to Dr. Rathel to have it removed. While saying his prayers at (my sister) Tillies (Hockmeyer Hollman) I said ask God to make mother good, he looked up and said "why, what did you do." He never forgets to say his prayers at night.
July 19, 1916
Dayton swallowed a bullet. We went to prayer meeting and were caught in a big shower of rain. Daddy helped to carry Dayton all the way home. We were dripping wet.
Aug 25, 1916
Dayton weights 30 lb and I 116 lb. Daddy 173 lb. Dayton plays with imaginary things now, viz train with provisions which he unloads, also running a car and seeing a picture show.
Nov 6, 1916
Dayton told his first dream which so follows. "I was in the woods under a persimmon tree and I saw a big bear. I run and run to get my pistol to shoot it. It tried to get me but I shot it and it fell on the ground."
June 23, 1917
We sold our home at 301 N 22nd St and moved to 1409 N. C on July 2, 1917. After thoroughly renovating the house I advertised for boarders; a Mr. E. Castling came to stay with us. Dayton has the whooping cough. (His sister) Maud and her baby came but we sent them to (her sister) Mays. (Dayton's brother) Artie was drafted to go to the war in France.
Nov 29, 1921
Dayton is now in the 3rd grade at school. Doesn't love to study very well but somehow keeps up with the class. He has a real faith in Jesus and is very consceientious to pray. Once he cut his finger badly. He said "Isn't it a good thing we have a doctor with us all the time and never have to send for one."

He had a little charmileon once which he liked very much. It got away and was gone for a day or two. One night he said "I know we can get our Lizzie back, ask Jesus". And he did. Next day it crawled between Daddy's feet.

I asked him what he was most thankful for on Thanksgiving. He said that he didn't have to go to school.

Here is a gap of over a decade. Perhaps some diaries are missing.


Dayton started in HiWay to the World's Fair in Chicago. A prayer with him before he left. The Lord gave me the 121 Psa especially 6,7,8 v for his journey.

The 1st news from him written the eve of the 1st day, said he forgot his map & was taking what people told him about the way, found himself at Eureka Spgs off of the nearest road. A reminder to Christians to study God's Book as to the Hiway of life.

Dayton went to Denver in summer 1934.

Dayton got back to the Lord at Bro Laseter's church. He is tarrying for the baptism. He played the piano accordion at the Mission.
Jan 10, 1936
Dayton was baptised in the Holy Ghost at the Mission
Jan 19, 1937
We moved out of the old house to build a new one. Had rooms over the Mission hall.
Mar 30th, 1937
We returned into the new home. We are so happy that God made it possible for us to have and enjoy it.
Nov 2, 1938
I visited (my brother) Ed (Hockmeyer) and his wife Martha in Muskogee. Expected to win them to the Lord thru Bro Otto Klink who was holding a meeting there. They went with me but --
Aug 20 - 29, 1939?
Sisters Mary (Hockmeyer Althoefer), Tillie (Hockmeyer Hollman), and Anna (Hockmeyer Miller) (from Missouri stayed with us). (Anna's son / my nephew,) Eldon (Miller) nighted at the Goldman Hotel.
Mon Jan 1, 1940
Developed some film in the morning - pictures I had taken Sunday at Joe Gilispie's, also one of myself seated infront of the baptistry picture (that Dayton had painted). Went to Grace Stone's where I had dinner...
Tues Jan 2, 1940
Went to work today after being laid off one week. Dayton decided not to keep his record (diary), so I'm glad to jot down some of his points in my daily routine. Had a nice visit with Grace Stone. She is threatened with another operation. Talked to her about the Lord and her soul. I definitely began praying for her to get an experience from the Lord.
Sun Jan 14, 1940
I took my place in Sister Findley's Sunday School class, having been let out as teacher. The Lord's grace proved sufficient.
Mon Jan 15, 1940
A missionary, Bro. Edwards, from Honolulu preached at evening service at our church. He is a godly man, and we enjoyed him very much. Had a litle talk with Bro. Lasater about my relationship in the church. The Lord promised to make the crooked places straight. Have taken my place as an intercessor, as the Spirit puts it upon me to pray for others.
Speak evil of no man. Titus 3:2. Let your speech edify. Col 4:6.
Tues Jan 16, 1940
Attended AM bible study on book of Daniel at the 1st Baptist church conducted by Dr. Ryley of Minn. Sister Ralph Riggins spent the day with us. Called on Sister Strong who is my shutin patient.
Wed Jan 17, 1940
Again attended bible study. Sister Walker took dinner with us. We had a good prayer together.
He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater, He giveth more strength when the labors increase...
Thurs Jan 18, 1940
Sister Hastings married her husband again after about 2 years separation. Dr. Ryley gave us light on Daniel's visions. Mrs. Howard, my neighbor, called.
She wrote out I Corintians 13:4-8 substituting the word "love" for "charity", ending with "Love never fails."

Fri Jan 19, 1940

Katharine Yadon and her sister Mrs. Edwards called. This was the coldest A.M. for many years - 5 degrees below zero. I went to church again at Baptist Church.
Sat Jan 20, 1940
Heard a splendid sermon on 2nd coming of our Lord (perhaps a radio sermon). Had a good letter from Sister Suzie Swartz from Chicago. The cold weather has subsided.
Sun Jan 21, 1940
Attended sunday school and two preaching services. Bro. Lasater on the church a home, and Bro. Edwards on getting in touch with God, Mat 9:20-21
Mon Jan 22, 1940
Had a letter from (my brother) Ed commenting on an article I sent him on the Pentecostal movement, "What others say about us."
Wed Jan 24, 1940
Went to see Grace Stone. Faith's song: "I would be quiet Lord, not tease nor fret; not one small need of mine wilt thou forget."
Thurs Jan 25, 1940
Ruth Eldrege called and took me over to see Grace again who was in bed. We had prayer together and she became quiet and rested. Attended services. Bro. Edwards preached on "We would see Jesus." Mrs. Bently from the 1st Baptist church was there, and brought us home. She is hungry for more of the Lord. We hope to have prayer meeting here regularly soon.
Fri Jan 26, 1940
Prayer for Winnie Parker for relief from neuritis in her shoulder. (Perhaps 17 to 20 years later I recall that Dad would bring W. Parker and her wheelchair to church on Sundays. It took two men to bring her up the front steps at Central Assembly of God Church in Fort Smith.)
Sun Jan 28, 1940
Bro. Laster text from I Cor 10:12-14
Mon Jan 29, 1940
Mrs. Fred Stone was taken to the hospital. "He ever gives me more, fills my cup and saucer too; Cleanse and illumine and fill, it shall be so: Then send me where thou will, and I will go."
Tues Jan 30, 1940
Gladys Dobbs came to pray for Grace. Mrs. Walker spent the P.M. Went to service. Sister Hastings preached on Psalms 15. The A.M. broadcast devotion was "What think ye of Christ" by Bro. Cadle.
Thurs Feb 1, 1940
"Is my prayer unselfish? Speak to us Lord until our hearts are melted to share in the compassion for the lost; Till our souls throb with burning intercession, That they shall know thy name whatever the cost
Speak to us Lord till shamed by thy greatgiving, our hands unclasp to wet our treaures free; Or wills, our love, our dear ones and possessions, all gladly yield gracious Lord to Thee."
Fri Feb 2, 1940
"The loss of gold is great, the loss of health is more, but the loss of Christ is such a loss as no man can restore."
Sun Feb 4, 1940
Called Sister Riggins. Attended service AM and PM. A sister Carpenter preached a good message on Esther.
Mon Feb 5, 1940
A fellowship meeting at our church. Sister Carpenter gave another good message.
Tue Feb 6, 1940
I heard Him call "Come follow", that was all. My gold grew dim, my heart went after him.
I rose and followed, that was all. Would you not follow if you heard Him call?
Thurs Feb 8, 1940
Attended C.A. revival. Sister Hastings brought message on sin.
Mon Feb 12, 1940
A beautiful day after a long spell of cold and snow
Mon Feb 12, 1940
Attended services. Sister Miller took us.
Sun Feb 18, 1940
Had an unusual service in the evening. Several young people in C.A.s got under the power and we did not have any other service other than altar service. Several prayed through.
Wed Feb 21, 1940
Mrs. Edwards from Oklahoma spent the A.M. Sister Walker the P.M.
Thurs Feb 22, 1940
Called on Gladys Dobbs. Also visited with Mrs. Powers. Attended services. Bro. Joe Miller preached.
Sat Feb 24, 1940
Sister Snaddy visited in the P.M.
Sun Feb 25, 1940
Attended both services. Bro. Ralph Miller preached in eveening. I taught my SS class again and the Lord blessed. Called on Sister Ralph Riggins who was ill.
Mon Feb 26, 1940
Ted (my brother) drove in at about noon, a surprise. He spent the night. He enjoyed his visit, but sorry he does not know the Lord. Had a heart to heart talk with him about his soul, but he seemed indifferent.
Tue Feb 27, 1940
Ted doesn't understand why we don't go to a specialist about Dayton's ears. I prayed earnestly about it and decided to be true to my Lord.
Wed Feb 28, 1940
Pressed - II Cor 2:8

Pressed into the image of Jesus, into His likeness divine.
But why should I shrink from the pressure, why should I weep and repine?
Pressed into meekest submission, loving the staff and the rod
But why should I shrink from the process that conforms to the image of God?
Pressed by the wounds from our loved ones like "His in the house of His friends"
Pressed by the burdens and conflicts till our anguish with His anguish blends.
Pressed do we questions the chastening that comes with the scourge and the rod?

O soul give thy cheek to the smiters and be still in the land of our God.

Called on Grace Stone and Kate Croom. Called on Sister Strong and Sturgeon. Sister Bass and Gladys Dobbs ask prayer. Sister Gilbert for her little boy.

Sun Mar 3, 1940
I taught the men's Bible class. Had fellowship meeting of the three Assemblies at our church. We went. Bro. Gough preached a good sermon on prayer. They took up an offering for old Bro. Miller.
Thur Mar 7, 1940
Bro. Jeter and White nighted with us.
Fri Mar 8, 1940
How blest are they who truly see their emptiness and poverty
Whose souls are humbled in the dust, and who in Jesus only trust.
Sat Mar 9, 1940
Alone with God, the world forbidden. Alone with God, O blest retreat.
Alone with God, and in Him hidden, to hold with Him communion sweet.

He answered prayer, not in the way I sought, not in the way I thought he ought,
But in His own good way, and I can see, He answered in the fashion best for me.

Sun Mar 10, 1940
Attended both services at our church. Bro. Turner preached in the evening. Called on Sister Medders.

Just a channel full of blessing to the thristy hearts around
To tell of thy full salvation, all thy loving message sound.
Channels only blessed Master, but with all thy wondrous power
Flowing through us then canst use us eery day and every hour.

Sun Mar 10, 1940
Called on Jenett Edwards who is sick.
Thur Mar 14, 1940
Sewed on a skirt for myself a the boston dress making room.
Fri Mar 15, 1940
Worked in the garden almost all day. Had a boy do the spading for me.
Sat Mar 16, 1940
The God Who Is Enough

The world keeps seeking for a way to give release from war and strife and bitterness, I have His peace.
The world groans neath its burdens, its eyes are dim, it cannot find the rest it craves, I rest in Him.
The world is hunting happiness without allow, but happiness cannot be found, He gives me joy.
I trust in His love and He leads me, I follow wherever He goes.
And though I may see not His purpose, tis blessed to know that He knows.

Sun Mar 17, 1940 Palm Sunday
I taught the woman's Bible Class in SS. The evangelists Vandermerwine and wife opened a meeting.
Thur Mar 21, 1940
And though this world with devils filled should threaten to undo us;
We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to trimph through us.
When Satan appears to stop up our path, all glory to God, we triumph by faith.
He cannot take from us, though oft he has tried.
The heart cheering promise - "The Lord will provide."
Fri Mar 22, 1940
Went to morning service at the First M E Church. Mrs. Nix and Powers spent the day with us.

As Thy Days - Deut 33:25

  1. Do thy weary footsteps falter, does the path seem steep and hard?
    Dost thou long to drop the crosses, and fly home to thy reward?
  2. Lift thy heart in holy courage, let thy faith the promise see.
    For His good word never faileth, as thy days thy strength shall be.
  3. Does the mountain path grow rougher? Still the Lord hath need of thee!
    He hath trod the steps of Calvary, as thy days thy strength shall be.
  4. Doth the tempest beat more fiercely? Still shall stand His blest decree.
    All the waves shall not overwhelm thee, as thy days thy strength shall be.
  5. Hush thy heart in sweet abiding. Let all doubts and sorrow flee.
    Sink to rest upon His bosom. All His strength shall be for thee.
Wed Mar 27, 1940
I know not by what method rare, but this I know - God answers prayer.
I know not when He sens the word that tells us fervent prayer is heard.
I know it cometh soon or late. Therefore we need to pray and wait.
I know not if the blessing sought will come in just the guise I thought.
I leave my prayer with Him alone whose will is wiser than my own.
Sat Mar 30, 1940
We cannot always understand our loving Father's way.
The road we know by Him is planned, and that He guides with loving hand, and leads us day by day.
So let us then with joyful heart go gladly on our way.
Let doubt, despair, and fear depart; and praise our God who from the start has led us day by day.
Sat Mar 30, 1940
Isaiah 38

Nature sees the body dead. Faith beholds the spirit fled.
Nature stops at Jordan's tide. Faith beholds the other side.
Nature hears farwells and sighs. Fait hears welcomes in the skies.
Nature writhes and hates the rod. Faith looks up and blesses God.
Sense looks downward, Faith above. Sense sees harshness. Faith sees love.
Oh let faith victorious be, let it reign triumphantly.

April 3, 1940
II Cor 5:14-18

  1. Lord I make a full surrender, all I have I give to Thee.
    For thy love so great, so tender; claims this gift from me.
    Lord I bring my heart's affection. Keep it safe in thy protection, fixed on Thee alone.
  2. Lord my will I here present thee, joyfully no longer mine.
    Let no evil thing prevent me yielding it to thine. Lord my life I lay before Thee.
April 3, 1940
We are the only Bible the careless world can read.
We are the sinner's gospel, we are the scoffer's creed.
We are the Lord's last message given in deed or word.
What if the type is crooked? What if the print is blurred?
Sun April 7, 1940
Attended both services at church. Called on Sister Tidwell at the Colonial Hospital who was seriously burned. Sister Nix was here in the P.M . The Stines took us to church in the evening and to see Dayton's picture (painting) in the baptistry.
Tue April 9, 1940
Spent the day with Sister Nix at Eldrege's. Called on Mrs. Hoffman and Pearl at Matlock.
Wed April 10, 1940
Tell Him All

There is no sorrow that He will not share, no cross, no burden for our hearts to bear.
Without Hiws help, no care of ours too small to cast on Jesus, let us tell Him all.
Lay at His feet the store of our woes, and in His sympathy find sweet repose.
Though the clouds may be dark, there is sunshine beyond it.
Though the night may be long, yet the morning is near.
Though the vale may be deep, there is music around it.
And hope admid our sorrows, bright hope is still near.

Thurs April 11, 1940
Went to meeting. The Vanermerwins are still here. Had a heavy frost. Killed vegetation.
Sat April 13, 1940
Dayton painted my picture.
Sun April 14, 1940
The revival meeting closed. Sister Vandermerwin preached both A.M. and P.M. I went with the Strongs.
Wed April 17, 1940
Job 2:7-13
O for a faith that will not shrink though pressed by every foe, that will not tremble on the brink of any earthly woe.
Lord give me such a faith as this, and then whatever my come, I'll taste even now, the hallowed bliss of an eternal home.
Friday April 19, 1940
(My) brother Ed came and spent the night. Martha wasn't well enough to come. He enjoyed his visit. He offered to take us out to supper. We compromised on a No. 1 steak at his expense and bisquets. Went to show Dayton's painting in the church baptistry.
Thurs April 25, 1940
"Not I but Christ." Lord let this be a motto throughout life for me.
His blood has washed my sins away. His grace shall keep me all the day.
"Not I but Christ." Then let the crown of this poor heart be His alone.
"Not I but Christ." Lord choose for me, and make me love what pleased thee.
"Not I but Christ." His will be done, and mine be merged with His in me.
His eye to guide, His voice to cheer. His mighty arm forever near.
"Not I but Christ." My daily food like His is found in doing good.
Sun April 28, 1940
Sister Stokes preached A.M. and P.M. In A.M. Unclaimed things included promises of the "all things are yours." I took a definite stand on the promises for healing Dayton's hearing.
Tues April 30, 1940
Dexter Hon preached at our church on the "open door." It cost more to redeem us than to create us. In the creation there was but "speaking a word. In redeeming us there was shedding of blood. Thos. Watson. Miss Kingsberry nighted here.
Wed May 1, 1940
Had a birthday supper for Dayton. Kathrin Yadon, Janette Edwards, and Jack Barnett were the guests. The latter gave Dayton a tie. Mrs. Skinner made the cake and salad. The evening was spent in singing and Dayton playing the acordion. Asking and answering Bible questions. I took their pictures. Had prayer and Bible reading. All seemed to enjoy it. They left about 10 P.M.
Sun May 5, 1940
Attended both services. Bro. Trueheart preached in the evening.
Tues May 7, 1940
Maple McGovern gave the message in the services. It was good.
Sun May 12, 1940
Mrs. Edwards took a picture of Dayton and me.
Sat May 18, 1940
Sister riggins went to her reward. Was buried Monday with Bros. Lasater, Miller and Williamson conducting the services.
Tues May 14, 1940
Went to church. Bro. Osborne gave the message on Psalms 1:1
Sun May 19, 1940
Fred and Grace Stone spent part of the P.M. with us. Went to the Bethel (Assembly of God) Church in the evening to hear Sister Bethel Johson preach. She was raised from the dead about 8 years ago. God is using her in praying for the sick.
Tues May 21, 1940
Attended services at our church.
Thurs Jul 4, 1940
(My brother) Ed & Martha (Hockmeyer) came (from Muskogee, OK) to spend the 4th. They brought a fryer (chicken) and the desert. They left Friday AM. We went to service, but it was a disappointment to them.
Mon Jul 22, 1940
Got me new shoes at the Bootery. Canned tomatoes. Sis Strong's dog, Patsy was killed by car. I spent eve with them. They bro't me home. Had my teeth looked over, filled and cleaned. Dr. Meade is leaving town so she took care of them one more time. Met both of the Stones in the office.
Aug 1, 1940
Mr. Skinner bro't a bu. of peaches for canning from Clarksville. Fine. Went to meeting with Sis Miller. Letter from (Dayton's Sister) Maud.
Mon Aug 5, 1940
Received invitation to Zoe Ellen's wedding 8/28/40 at Presbyterian church. (Zoe Ella Young Stratton, Dayton's niece)
Thurs Aug 8, 1940
Kathrine Yadon & Jenette Edwards went to church with us. Sis Miller took all of us. Bro Steiger had a good message on the annointing of the Spirit using David as an illus.
Friday Aug 16, 1940
Went to see (Dayton's niece) Zoe Ellen and her bridal outfit. She had lovely things and is very happy. May called in the PM.
Wed Aug 28, 1940
Zoe Ellen & Geo. Stratton were married at the Presbyterian church. A very pretty wedding. (Dayton's sister) Maud (Young Lauhon) came.
Tues Sept 12, 1940
Mildred Pride spent PM. Mrs. Janet Edwards went to service with sister Miller.
Sept 25, 1940
Ed Eads put in a pit for a furnace. Logan Rogers superended the job.
Nov 28, 1940
(Brother) Ed & Martha (Hockmeyer) spent the day & night with us. They brought a cooked chicken & pumpkin pie. We enjoy their visit as usual. Kathrine Yadon was here.
Friday Nov 29, 1940
We went to see an art exhibit at the courthouse. Dayton has a picture there.
Jan 10, 1941
I went with Sis Miller to Okla City. Took (Dayton's sister) Maud (Young Lauhon) by surprise. They gave me a real good time. Sis Saunders called on me. Went to see Mrs. Whaymen. Saw the city. Called on (Dayton's niece) Mary Elizabeth (Lauhon Reynolds) and her in-laws, Reynolds. They all had lovely homes.

Sunday went to hear Sis Grace who is conducting a revival meeting in Faith Tabernacle. Her text was Acts 1:1-8. Clarence & Maud (Lauhon) took me. I came back Mon 1-30. Found everything in good condition. Dayton took dinner with Jack Barnett & spent the PM with them.

Jan 14, 1941
Grace Stone, a long time friend, went to her reward. She was a patient sufferer of cancer.
July 12, 1941
(My nephew) Arthur Althoefer wife & daughter Ruth & her cousin Verginia Albertsworth came in from New Haven (Missouri). Took supper with us. Next AM early we all went to spend the day with (brother) Ed & Martha (Hockmeyer in Muskogee, Oklahoma). We took several pictures at different places. All seemed to enjoy the visit.
Sept 30, 1941
Bro Hugh Jeter, wife & mother nighted with us. Then returned to Enid. Hugh & new wife are expecting to go to Cuba as missionaries soon.
Oct 22, 1941
(Nephew) Paul & Ona (Hockmeyer) from Enid spent a pleasant hour with us. They came through from Hot Springs and other states & cities.
Nov 2, 1941
We went to see the flood in the downtown section. We could not go thru on 11th St. Boats were in the streets.
Mon Nov 3, 1941
Kathryn & her mother ( Kate Young Croom, Dayton's sister) took dinner with us. They had to flee from their home in Moffit because of the flood.
Mar 20, 1942
Harold Sanders & wife who came to live with us Oct 9 to work at Camp Chaffee left for Columbus, Ind above date. They paid $5 per week and I gave half to the Lord. We painted the walls of the kitchen and bathroom. Also Mr. Berher painted the outside of the house. Dayton was reclassified for the war from A3 to A1. We have a Bible study class here again.
Ida with cat April 1942
Put in a Frigidaire (refrigerator). Got a new iron. Sis Grace began a meeting in New Bethel. She is fine. Dayton got a new suit. I a new dress.

Sis Grace closed a successsful meeting. Sis Davis was with us for a week. Had 2 soldier boys to dinner with us. Katherine Yaden spent the PM with us. We went to the Chaffee Camp in PM. We took her to church to hear Sis Grace on Battle of Armegeddon. It was good.

Sept 27, 1942
Sen & Mrs. Harper took the spare room.
Sun Oct 12, 1942
Sis Dobbins asked me to go to St. Lous with her as she went on her way to Ind. Dayton and I will both go.
Wed Oct 15, 1942
We left for St. Louis at 10:30 and arrived at Washington (Missouri) at 8 PM. The next AM we went to (niece) Ida Hoeman stayed with her to lunch. She took us to (niece) Jennie (Becker) Boehner's where we staid to supper then the Caldwells came after us and we nighted with them. We left home with Sis Dobbins who was going to Bro Cas at Terrie Haut, Ind. She was so glad to have us as company on her trip. We took our lunch with us. The weather was perfect. We nighted at (sister) Anna's (Hockmeyer Miller).
Thurs Oct 17, 1942
Thurs AM we went to Kirkwood thru to St. Louis etc.
Friday Oct 18, 1942
Leslie Dobbins took us to see (my niece) Ella (Hollman Raithel) & (my sister) Tillie (Hockmeyer Hollman). We spent the day together at these 2 places. We then took the bus out to Washinton, MO. Got there about 7 PM
Sat Oct 19, 1942
(Nephew) Logan (Miller) took us to New Haven early in AM. Mary was up and very much surprised to see us. (My niece) Olinda (Althoefer Gerding) took us to see (her sister, my niece) Hilda (Althoefer Althage) & my cousins Edwin (Hockmeyer) & Martin (Hockmeyer). (Nephew) Logan (Miller) & family came for us after supper.
Ida and dog Sun Oct 20, 1942
Went to a little Assembly Church in Washington (Missouri). Also to the ME in AM. (Sister) Anna had a nice dinner. Baked ham etc. (Nephew) Logan (Miller) & family came in the eve. We enjoyed the children. Dayton went on an island with (his cousin) Milton (Miller) & Mr. Randolph. (Logan and Milton are Anna's sons.)
Mon Oct 21, 1942
We returned from our Washington trip at midnight after an all days waiting & riding the busses. Dayton went to work as usual next AM. (Sister) Anna gave us a nice lunch to eat on the way.
Oct 23, 1942 -- Dayton leaves for the Army
Dayton left for Camp Robinson at 10 AM. May Anna McClennahan took us to the station. It was hard to say goodby, but God's grace was sufficient. Several of the Sout Side church sisters called up. I was very conscious of the Lord's presence. Slept good all night. Was alone in the house. The young people of New Bethel gave Dayton a nice "kit" for his soldiers life.
Oct 24, 1942
(Nephew) Paul (Hockmeyer) called up from Muskogee saying Martha (his mother) was very sick. Can you come?
Nov 29, 1942
Went to take care of Martha who was quite sick. Stayed till Dec 5th. Left her much improved. (Brother) Ed (Hockmeyer) offered me a home for war duration. He gave me $10 & fare back. Shirley took charge of the house while I was gone. Dayton is now attending photo school at Denver, Lowry Field.
Sept 20, 1945
(Brother) Ted & Georgia (Hockmeyer) came from NC on their way to Houston. We took supper at the Goldman. They had a room at Skinners. Mrs. Coble made us a delicious lemon pie for our next day dinner. We enjoyed their visit. Ted said if ever I needed a home, he would care for me as long as he or I lived. I thanked him but said Dayton would never submit to that.
Ida reading Bible Oct 1, 1952
Went to Washington, Mo for a reunion of we four who are left of our family, viz Ed, Ted, self with Ann at her home. Enjoyed it much.

Ida died at home after being diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. A Mrs. Moody stayed with her and took care of her during the last months of her life.
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