Editing Email addresses

Help for incomplete Email addresses

Most Email addresses found on these web pages require you to fix them. Example: change chyoung at aristotle dot net to [email protected]

Why make things difficult? SPAM (unsolicited commercial Email) has exploded into such a problem that it is crippling our ability to communicate with others via Email. Including correct Email addresses in web pages makes it easy for spam robots to harvest Email addresses.

Is your Email address listed on my pages? Do you want your address listed correctly (no editing required but increased spam)? If the answer is yes, I will oblige. I recommend that you create a free webmail account that you can easily leave if the spam gets too bad. Hotmail seems to be a popular choice for free mail.

I have received many Emails from people who seemed interested in corresponding with me about family history, but I never received any reply from them. I think that is due in large part to the spam problem. When people receive an Email from someone they do not know, they are likely to delete it assuming that it is spam. ISP's and Email providers delete Email that may be spam. Non-spam may get deleted as well. Some people may set their Email to block legitimate sites, not realizing that the FROM address is easily forged. Often the sender does not receive a bounce, and does not know that their Email was discarded.

By the way, spammers do not rely soley on harvesting Email addresses from web pages, chat rooms, mailing lists, or bulletin boards. I had an Email address that did not appear on any of the above, but I receivee more spam at that address than the addresses that were available for address harvesting. More from CAUCE, an organization devoted to eliminating or reducing spam.

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