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     William Tecumseh Sherman (WTS) was born in Lancaster, Fairfield County, OH, and he died in New York City, NY. He was the son of lawyer Charles R. Sherman and Mary Hoyt both originally of Norwalk, CT. His grandfather, Honorable Taylor Sherman, was a well respected attorney and judge in Norwalk, CT, and, after his death in 1815, his widow and family migrated to OH. After the marriage of their son Charles R. Sherman to Mary Hoyt, they too left CT and settled in OH.

     In 1829, when WTS was a young lad of age nine, his father, Charles R., died leaving WTS' mother, Mary, burdened by the responsibility of several children. Because of the hardships, she sent WTS to be raised by the Honorable Thomas Ewing who was a good friend and who was then the Secretary of the Interior. He raised WTS as if he were his own son providing the finest education and social life possible. It was also he who ensured that WTS would attend West Point. Indeed, it was the Honorable Ewing who was responsible for shaping the life of WTS. Later, it was his daughter, Ellen Boyle Ewing, that WTS married. 

     The marriage of WTS and Ellen Ewing was held at the WA D.C. Pennsylvania Avenue home of Honorable Thomas Ewing, and it was attended by many well know historical figures such as Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, President Taylor, and his entire cabinet.

     A little known fact in Sherman family history seems to be that there are no Shermans who descend directly from WTS unless female descendants married Shermans. That is because WTS had no sons who produced heirs to this Sherman line.

     Following is the ancestry line of WTS. Please note that the direct line to WTS and his children is not indented by generation. The indented generations are included to show the other Sherman lineages. As well, the "five leading men" - our founding Sherman fathers - are capitalized and highlighted in blue.

1 John Sherman b: 1396 d: 1487
   +Mary Lance b: 1400 d: abt 1487 m: 1419

2 Thomas Sherman b: 1420 d: April 04, 1493
   +Agnes Fuller (Fulmer) b: 1437

3 John Sherman b: 1460 d: December 12, 1504
   +Agnes Fuller (Fullen) b: 1470 d: 1528 m: 1489

4 Thomas Sherman b: 1490 d: Aft May 05, 1551
   +Jane Waller b: 1495 d: 1573 m: 1512

5 Henry Sr. Sherman b: 1524 d: January 1588
   +Agnes Butter (Butler) b: Abt 1521 d: Bef October 14, 1580 m: Abt 1541

    6 Henry Sherman Jr. b: 1547 d: 1610

        7 John Sherman b: 1585
           +Grace Makin or Ravens (?)
  b: Abt 1592

            8  CAPTAIN JOHN SHERMAN b: 1612 d: 1690
            +Martha Palmer

        7 Samuel Sherman b: 1572 d: 1615
           +Phillipa Ward

            8 PHILIP SHERMAN b: 1610 d: 1687
               +Sarah Odding

    8 SAMUEL SHERMAN b: 1601 d:1643

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6 Edmund Sherman Sr. b: 1548 d: 1600
   +Ann Pellatte (1) m: April 25, 1570
   +Anne Clere (2) m: September 11, 1584

7 Edmund Sherman Jr. b: June 23, 1577 d: 1641 New Haven, CT.
   +Joan Makin

        8 REVEREND JOHN SHERMAN b: 1613 d: 1685
           +Mary Gibbs (1)
           +Mary Launce (2)

8 HONORABLE SAMUEL SHERMAN b: July 12, 1618 Dedham, England d: April 05, 1700 Fairfax Co, CT
   +Sarah Mitchell m: 1640

9 Deacon John Sherman b: February 08, 1651 d: December 13, 1730
   +Elizabeth _____

10 John Sherman b: June 19, 1687 d: May 20, 1727
     +Emm Preston m: July 22, 1714

11 Honorable Daniel Sherman b: August 14, 1721 d: July 28, 1799
     +Mindwell Taylor m: February 14, 1744

12 Honorable Taylor Sherman b: Sept 05, 1758 d: May 04, 1815
     +Betsey Stoddard

13 Charles R. Sherman b: Sept 26, 1788 d: June 24, 1829
     +Mary Hoyt m: 1810 Norwalk, CT. They had the following children.

14 Charles Taylor Sherman b: 1811

14 Mary Elizabeth Sherman b: 1812

14 James Sherman b: 1814

14 Amelia Sherman b: 1816

14 Julia Ann Sherman b: 1818

14 Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman b: Feb 08, 1820 d: Feb 14, 1891
      +Ellen Boyle Ewing m: May 1, 1850 in WA D.C. daughter of Hon. Thomas
and Maria Boyle Ewing. She died Nov. 28, 1888.
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The children of WTS and Ellen Ewing were;
    15 Maria (Minnie) Ewing Sherman b: 1851
    15 Mary (Lizzie) Elizabeth Sherman b: 1852
    15 William (Willie) Ewing Sherman b: 1854 d: 1863
    15 Thomas (Tom) Ewing Sherman b: 1856   In 1878 he became a Catholic
          priest. He presided over his father's 1891 funeral. 
    15 Eleanor (Ellie) Mary Sherman b: 1859
    15 Rachel Ewing Sherman b: 1861
    15 Charles Celestine Sherman b: 1864 d: 1864 at age 6 months
    15 Philemon Tecumseh (Cump) Sherman b: 1867 - never married

14 Lampson Parker Sherman b: 1821

14 John Sherman b: 1823.  In 1854 he became a U.S. Rep, and in 1861
      became a U.S. Senator, R-OH. He also held other posts.

14 Susan Denman Sherman b: 1825

14 Hoyt Sherman b: 1827

14 Frances (Fanny) Beecher Sherman b: 1829

Primary Source:  Royster, Charles. Editor.1990.William Tecumseh Sherman; Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman.Third Printing.The Library 0f America. Literary Classics of the United States. NY, NY. Viking Press.

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