Errata for Silent Windmills: Ancestry of Neva Viola Ross.

Silent Windmills: Ancestry of Neva Viola Ross

by Margaret Sherman Lutzvick
Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD
Copyright 2004


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    As with all good intentions in producing any complex published work compiled over a long period of time, there are some mistakes in the book that need to be corrected. As well, there are more findings from ongoing research that updates with new information, adds to, and/or clarifies already correct information. While some information has been caught by me, I very much thank readers who have contacted me with corrections and updates. They are as follows.


page xix, It is regrettable that the name Patsy Cremeans, a fine contributor to this book, was inadvertently misspelled.  My sincere apology for this error.

page xix, It is also most regrettable to have omitted the name of a large contributor to the Smith family history. Roberta Hobbs contributed many great photos, and reviewed and confirmed some Smith family data. Photos submitted by her do credit her contributions, and she is cited in several footnotes.  My sincere apology for this omission.

page xix, Under Pancake and Lynd, first paragraph, last sentence, acknowledgement of a picture is in error. It should read Charles Augustus Lynd and not Samuel Lynd.

page xx, under Tipton: first sentence, the word proving should be providing.

page 8, fourth paragraph, second sentence, Should read, "Both William Jr. and Elizabeth's Wills..."

page 26, Jacob Miller I died in July 1808 in Monroe County, VA.

page 26, last paragraph, According to DAR records Elizabeth Fudge died 13 March 1777 Rich Creek, Greenbrier, VA.

page 125 & 446, Ancestor John Lynd was identified as John Davidson Lynd erroneously. It was found that the true John Davidson Lynd was son of William Lynd, who was brother of ancestor John Lynd, and Elizabeth Davidson Lynd.

pages 140 -141, 146, Further research shows that Jonathan Tipton III may have indeed been married to Keziah Robertson Sevier. DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Part 3, page 2947. While this may be true, no proof of this marriage was found in previous research of his military or any other records.

page 142, first paragraph, Found on the IGI James Rose was born in Johnston County, NC

page 149, last sentence, George Washington Ross was their grand son-in-law, not their son-in-law.

page 150, last paragraph, see page 163 below.

page 163, It has been found on the 1850 and 1856 IA Census reports that Samuel and Elizabeth (Tipton) Lynd were in Decatur County, IA along with James and Mary Olive (Rose) Tipton. It may be that Ringold was nearby, but it is clear that they were in Decatur County.

page 191, picture caption is incorrect. It should read left to right Nellie Gertrude Ross, Elizabeth Lynd Ross, George Washington Ross, infant Hazel Belle Ross, and George "Riley" Ross.

page 201, It is now doubted that this is a photo of Phillip Smith. This may be a Wiley family ancestor.

page 202, The 1862 death date David Lewis Smith is in error. It should show that this was his marriage date to Rhoda Ann Groom in October 1862.

page 208, footnote 7, should read Allan Shute, instead of Allan Dunwoodie.

page 217, second paragraph, should read, "...Elizabeth "Betsey" Cummins...was the daughter of John Ephraim Cummins (1778-1863) and Elizabeth Lanman Cummins (1777-1865)." John Ephraim Cummins (Cummings) was the son of Peter Cummins. It is confusing as written in the book. As well, according to a proven DAR member file the wife of James. T. Lanman (1752-1841) was Sythe Blake Sommers (1756-1822or 1838). See Updates for their children's names

page 232, second paragraph, third sentence. Strike, "Ephraim's son." The sentence should began with, "A James R. Sumner..."

page 233, first paragraph. The name spelled Dotson is found as Dodson in some people's family histories. Dotson is how it was found spelled in her obituary and other research.

page 233, first paragraph. The 1909 death date of Mary Dotson Sumner is a typographical error. She actually died July 8, 1905.

page 234, second paragraph shows, 7.1.5James Smith. This should be 7.1.6James Smith.

page 236, first paragraph shows, 7.1.6Francis Marion "Frank Smith. This should be 7.1.7Francis Marion "Frank" Smith.

page 239, first paragraph. 7.1.5Francis Marion "Frank" Smith. This should be 7.1.7Francis Marion "Frank" Smith. Obviously, other Smith children were found, and corrections were not made to subsequent chapters.

Page 239, footnote 3, and Appendix B-13,   It appears that someone else signed George Wylie's name, as it is misspelled on the death certificate.

page 242, second paragraph, last sentence, "... one daughter,"  should read, "... had the following children." When this chapter was initially completed only one daughter was known. Late information included her siblings, and the sentence was not corrected to include the additional children.

page 246, last paragraph.  Claude Wylie died in Spokane, Washington, but had been living in Lewiston, Nez Perce County, Idaho. "Specialists" sent him  to Spokane's Sacred Heart Hospital to find out what was wrong with him. Too late!

page 265, last paragraph George Wylie's name is misspelled Wiley. This entire family's name should be spelled Wylie.

page 273-74, third paragraph. Blanche Danielson was born February 8, 1913 in Elk Falls, ID, and she died January 29, 1985 in Arlington, WA. She married Frederick Cecil Boyd

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