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        The following represents the maternal ROSS side of our SHERMAN Family. Included are ancestors and descendants of some of our surnames such as ESTES, FUDGE, MILLER, PANCAKE, ROSS, STONE, WINN, TIPTON, SMITH, and one immigrant John LYND who was born in 1793 in Ireland and married Betsey Pancake.  In all cases the dates and names shown refer to the birth and death dates of those listed and their known spouses respectively.

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    Please note that many names are missing from the data base below. For example, only a few Sumner, Smith, and other surnames are included below, but the book has many more families than time to upload. As time permits they will be added here. Please contact me if you need a look-up in my book.

Ahrand, Peter            Ross, Margaret Jane
Akers, Henry             Miller, Delilah
Allumbaugh, William      Ross, Nancy Jane
Anderson, Elizabeth  William Pearce
Baker, Ransom P.        Ross, Elizabeth
Baxtor, Bryant         Ross, Sarah
Brummet, Reason (Rueben)          Estes, Mary
Bucklin, Margaret        Ross, Nehemiah
Carpenter, Hugh        Miller, Elizabeth
Caudell, Mila    (1868- ?)     Ross, Christopher
Chambers, Henry          Miller, Elsie
Cockerham, William Winn        Stone, Edith
Cone, Elvin Louis            Ross, Hazel Belle
Conyers, Walter B.      Ross, Laura
Cordell, Sampson           Ross, Nancy Jane
Crumbley, Baby
Crumbley, Clifford
Crumbley, Goldie
Crumbley, Raymond
Crumbley, Sam         Lynd, Agnes Elizabeth
Crumbley, Sam
Crumbley, Virgil
Cummins, John Ephraim    Elizabeth Lanman
Daniels, John I.     Ross, Anna E.
Danielson, Herman    Ross, Veva Blanche
Darling, Mr.               Ross, Alice
Daugherty, Sarah             Dealy, David A.
Dealy, Anna Elizabeth (1846-1853)
Dealy, David A. (1844-1925) Daugherty, Sarah
Dealy, Elizabeth        John Miller
Dealy, John         Ross, Priscilla
Dealy, John Miller (1851-?)        Elizabeth
Dealy, Margaret (1840-?)
Dealy, Nancy Jane (1836-1880)      Price, John Devlin
Dealy, Priscilla Marelda (1842-1928) Price, Henry Rynolds
Dealy, Rebecca Ann (1837-?)
Dodson, Louisa Ross, Nehemiah
Dougherty, John Ross, Priscilla
Empson, Mary Ellen Ross, James, Jr.
Estes, Andrew (Abt. 1776-Abt. 1853)
Estes, John (Abt. 1771-1841)
Estes, Mary (Abt. 1768-?)       Brummet, Reason (Rueben)
Estes, Nancy (Abt. 1767-Abt. 1835)  Richardson, Daniel
Estes, Priscilla "Lilla"  (Abt. 1772-Abt. 1863)   Miller, Jacob III
Estes, Richard Stone     Mary Winn
Estes, Sally (Abt. 1764-?)    Miller, Benjamin
Eveland, Malinda         Ross, Jacob
Fudge, Elizabeth       Miller, Jacob II
Fudge, Fouchs
Fudge, Johan
Fudge, John        Katherine Margert
Fudge, Peter
Garrens, Sarah (Julie Ann)        Ross, Jacob
Grover, Helena (1853-1893)     Lynd, Charles Augustus, Sr.
Hampton, Rosanna Ross, James William
Handly, Mary       Miller, John
Hobbs, Dudley Warfield    Ross, Nellie Gertrude
House, Matilda C.        Ross, Peter
Jeremiah, James W.      Ross, Lilly Mary
Jones, Rachel E.         Ross, James, Jr.
Jones, Sarah Ann         Ross, John
Kincaid, Anna Wyatt     Miller, Jacob IV
Knox, Jesse        Lynd, Effie
Lanman, James   Sythe Blake Sommors (Sumner?)
Landrum, Hawkins      Ross, Priscilla
Lester, John      Stone, Susannah
Lynd, Adrian Linus
Lynd, Agnes Elizabeth   (1872-1939)   Ross, George Washington
Lynd, Amanda
Lynd, Andrew
Lynd, Celia
Lynd, Charles Augustus, Sr.  (1846-1914) Grover, Helena
Lynd Jr., Charles Augustus
Lynd, Daniel Matthias
Lynd, Effie
Lynd, Effie (1872-1952) Knox, Jesse
Lynd, Elijah
Lynd, Elizabeth
Lynd, Ellen
Lynd, Frank Harold
Lynd, Fred
Lynd, Gertrude Ellen
Lynd, Harriett Ann
Lynd, Herbert
Lynd, James
Lynd, Jane
Lynd, John (1783-?)    Betsey Pancake
Lynd, Julia
Lynd, Laura
Lynd, Margaret Henora
Lynd, Mary
Lynd, Mary
Lynd, Mary Kathryn
Lynd, Massam
Lynd, Miles Massam
Lynd, Nellie Ann (1875-1949)  Ross, Edward Miller
Lynd, Phoebe
Lynd, Rebecca
Lynd, Samuel (1812-1888) Tipton, Elizabeth
Lynd, Tom
Lynd, William Edward
Maddin, Elizabeth          Stone, Richard Jr.
Maddy, Rev. John            Miller, Anna B.
Maddy, Thomas         Miller, Rhoda
Maloney, Sidney     Miller, George
Margert, Katherine      Fudge, John
Martin, Sarah            Ross, Jacob
Mason, Almira       Ross, William M.
McKinley, Albert            Ross, Louisa
Melton, Margaret            Miller, John B.
Miller, Anna B. (1767-1852)       Maddy, Rev.  John
Miller, Barabara
Miller, Benjamin             Estes, Sally
Miller, Charles
Miller, Christian
Miller, Delilah      Akers, Henry
Miller, Elizabeth          Carpenter, Hugh
Miller, Elizabeth          Stufflebeam, William John
Miller, Elsie          Chambers, Henry
Miller, George
Miller, George          Maloney, Sidney
Miller, George (1770-1855) Swope, Elizabeth
Miller, Henry
Miller, Jacob I (1702-?)          Mueller, Margaret
Miller, Jacob II (1726-?)        1) Fudge, Elizabeth 2) Sullivan, Margaret
Miller, Jacob III (1765-?)       Estes, Priscilla
Miller, Jacob IV         Kincaid, Anna Wyatt
Miller, John
Miller, John     Handly, Mary
Miller, John B.      Melton, Margaret
Miller, Joseph (?-1856)     Walker, Unknown
Miller, Katherine
Miller, Katherine          Walker, James
Miller, Margaret       Wilkerson, Ross
Miller, Margaret (1788-?)    Swope, Joseph
Miller, Mary             Price, Augustine
Miller, Nancy            Ross, James, Sr.
Miller, Peter (1788-?)     Simmons, Sarah
Miller, Rhoda (1796-?)     Maddy, Thomas
Miller, Sarah           Wilcoxen, Alford
Miller, Sarah (1790-?)     Simmons, Johab

Mueller, Margaret     Miller, Jacob I

Murphy, Henora (1857-1940)   Lynd, Charles Augustus, Sr.
Pancake, Betsey (Abt.1783-?) Lynd, John
Patin, Jonathan      Ross, Sarah
Pearce, David
Pearce, Charles
Pearce, William    Elizabeth Anderson
Penturf, Jacob      (1) Ross, Priscilla; (2) Nancy Rogers Bowman (includes about 4 generations from Jacob)
Petticord, Polly       Shannon, Benjamin
Price, Augustine      Miller, Mary
Price, Henry Rynolds      Dealy, Priscilla Marelda
Price, John Devlin               Dealy, Nancy Jane
Reno, Frank             Ross, Hazel Marie
Richardson, Daniel     Estes, Nancy
Robertson, Elizabeth            Stone, William
Rose, Mary Olive (1812-1891)        Tipton, James, Sr
Ross, Adam E.
Ross, Alice (1859-1944) Darling, Mr.
Ross, Anna E. (1870-?)       Daniels, John I.
Ross, Aristy (1869-?)
Ross, Ben Shannon (1854-?)
Ross, Benjamin F.
Ross, Bernice Rose (1915-Abt. 1971) Varga, John J.
Ross, Bertha
Ross, Brimvesta (1874-?)
Ross, Christopher (1842-?)  Caudell, Mila
Ross, Christopher (1847-?)
Ross, Clara
Ross, Edward Miller (1871-1944) Lynd, Nellie Ann
Ross, Effie
Ross, Eliza Jane (1848-?)
Ross, Elizabeth
Ross, Elizabeth (Abt. 1834-?)   Baker, Ransom P.
Ross, Frank January 02, 1890
Ross, George Riley (1887-1918)   Smith, Lottie Viola
Ross, George W. (Abt. 1840-?)   Shannon, Louisa
Ross, George Washington (1859-1945)  Lynd, Agnes Elizabeth
Ross, Hazel Belle (1895-1977)  Cone, Elvin Louis
Ross, Hazel Marie (1917-Abt. 1975) Reno, Frank
Ross, Jacob (Abt. 1822-1873) Martin, Sarah
Ross, Jacob H. (April 1864-?)
Ross, Jacob Jr.
Ross, James
Ross, James William (1847-1921) Hampton, Rosanna
Ross, James, Jr. (1824-1909)   Jones, Rachel E.
Ross, James, Sr. (Abt. 1793-1859) Miller, Nancy
Ross, Jane (1850-?)
Ross, John (Abt. 1816-1861)  Jones, Sarah Ann
Ross, John (1866-?)
Ross, John A.
Ross, John William (1860-?)
Ross, Lafayette (1856-?)
Ross, Laura (1877-?)   Conyers, Walter B.
Ross, Leonard (1897-?)
Ross, Lilly Mary (1875-?)    Jeremiah, James W.
Ross, Liza Jane
Ross, Louisa        McKinley, Albert
Ross, Lura
Ross, Lynd (1892-1892)
Ross, Malinda
Ross, Margaret Jane (1860-?)    Ahrand, Peter
Ross, Mary Ann (1838-?)
Ross, Mary Elizabeth
Ross, Mason
Ross, Minnie
Ross, Nancy Ellen
Ross, Nancy Jane             Cordell, Sampson
Ross, Nancy Jane (1832-1915)    Allumbaugh, William
Ross, Nehemiah (Abt. 1830-1864)   Dodson, Louisa
Ross, Nellie Gertrude (1892-1948)   Hobbs, Dudley Warfield
Ross, Nervesta (1868-?)
Ross, Neva Viola (1911-1998)   Sherman, James Clark
Ross, Peter
Ross, Peter (1842-1901) House, Matilda C.
Ross, Priscilla (?-1882)   Penturf, Jacob
Ross, Priscilla (Abt.1818-?)   Dealy, John
Ross, Ransom (1870-?)
Ross, Samuel (Abt.1838-)
Ross, Sarah             Patin, Jonathan
Ross, Sarah (1815-?)    Baxtor, Bryant
Ross, Veva Blanche (1913-Abt.1977) Danielson, Herman
Ross, William M. (1829-Abt. 1862) Mason, Almira
Shannon, Benjamin      Petticord, Polly
Shannon, Louisa      Ross, George W.
Shannon, Nancy      Ross, William M.
Sherman, James Clark (1902-1976) Ross, Neva Viola
Shields, Luella Ardella               Ross, George Washington
Simmons, Johab          Miller, Sarah
Simmons, Sarah             Miller, Peter
Smith, Anderson
Smith, Florence         Wylie, George
Smith, Frank               Sumner, Eliza Olive
Smith, Lottie Viola       Ross, George "Riley"
Snead, Phillip              Stone, Anne
Stone, Anna                Townsend, Richard
Stone, Anne                 Snead, Phillip
Stone, Edith                  Cockerham, William Winn
Stone, Letty (Lucy)             Winn, Peter
Stone, Mary (Abt.1744-Abt.1795)       Estes, Richard
Stone, Richard (Abt.1723-Aft.-1797)      Yancey/Wynne, Mary (Smith?)
Stone, Richard Jr.                Maddin, Elizabeth
Stone, Susannah          Lester, John
Stone, Thomas     Winn, Millinder
Stone, William (?-Abt.1727)     Unknown, Sarah
Stone, William (Abt.1710-Abt.1756) Robertson, Elizabeth
Stufflebeam, William John    Miller, Elizabeth
Sullivan, Margaret       Miller, Jacob II
Sumner, Eliza Olive                 Smith, Frank
Sumner, Seward     Elizabeth "Betsey" Cummins
Swope, Elizabeth          Miller, George
Swope, Joseph           Miller, Margaret
    Tipton, Charles
  • Tipton, Charles Sevier  Elizabeth McJimpsey, Jennie Patterson
    Tipton, Elizabeth (1826-1902)  Lynd, Samuel
    Tipton, Harriet
    Tipton, Jacob  Anna Bennett, Cillor (Priscilla) Ledford
    Tipton, James, Jr.
    Tipton, James, Sr. (1807-1888)  Rose, Mary Olive
    Tipton, John
    Tipton, Jonathan    Frances Perlina Daughterty,  Keziah Robertson Sevier, Levina _______ Stevens
    Tipton, Jonathan   Judy Taylor, Patsy Carter, Sally Polly Webb
    Tipton, Jonathan    Sarah Pearce
    Townsend, Joshua
    Townsend, Richard   Stone, Anna
    Townsend, Thomas
    Townsend, William (?-1764) Stone, Mary
    Unknown, Sarah      Stone, William
    Varga, John J.     Ross, Bernice Rose
    Walker, James               Miller, Katherine
    Walker, Unknown          Miller, Joseph
    Wilcoxen, Alford            Miller, Sarah
    Wilkerson, Ross            Miller, Margaret
    Winn, Mary                   Estes, Richard Stone
    Winn, Millinder             Stone, Thomas
    Winn, Peter                    Stone, Letty (Lucy)
    Wylie, George               Smith, Florence

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