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Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds

        Because the book, Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds, is more than simply a Sherman family history, it also includes many historical events. Thus the bibliography includes a variety of non-Sherman readings that were used during the course of research. However, throughout the bibliography a serious Sherman family historian can find many well know Sherman resources from both past and present. Examples include John H. Sherman, (JHS) Frank Dempster Sherman, (FDS) Roy V. Sherman, (RVS) Bertha L. Stratton, (BLS)  S.V. Talcott, (SVT) and many others. All can be found in most local libraries and/or genealogical libraries. In summary, this bibliography is broken into sections on books, census records, historical societies, genealogists, city, and county offices, library and history centers.


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Census Sources

Census Reports of Ontario and Wayne Counties, New York for the years 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1855.

Census Report of Cambridge, Washington County, NY for the year 1790.

Census Report of Tiverton, Newport County, RI for the year 1774.

Census Report of Tiverton, Newport County, RI for the year 1790.

Historical Societies, Genealogists, City, and County Offices

Allegany County Genealogist, Mary Lou Burt, Angelica, NY.

DAR, Colonel William Prescott Chapter, Isabel Hartman, Treasurer, Newark, NY.

Grays Harbor County Clerk's Office, Montesano, WA.

New York Genealogical Society, Tree Talks. Various Issues. Syracuse, NY.

New York State Historical Association, Deb McCaffery, Albany, NY.

Ontario County Historian, Dr. Preston Pierce, Canandaigua, NY.

Ontario County Historical Society, Linda M. McIlveen, Canandaigua, NY.

Ontario County Records, Archives, and Information Services, Mary Jo Barone, Canandaigua, NY.

Town of Palmyra, Bev Hickman, Palmyra, NY.

Palmyra Historical Society, Tom and Dixie Prittie, Palmyra, NY.

The Rhode Island Historical Society, Patricia Redfearn, Providence, RI.

Shermans of Yaxley, America Online Sherman Genealogy Group.

Washington County Archivist, Carol Senecal, Fort Edward, NY.

Washington County Historian, Doris McEachron, Fort Edward, NY.

Wayne County Clerk's Office, Judy Jarzynka, Lyons, NY.

Washington National Archives, WA, DC.

Wayne County Office of Tourism and History, Formerly Wayne County Historian's Office, Marjory Allen Perez and Deborah Ferrell, Lyons, NY.

West Wayne Genealogy Club, Helen Burgio, Macedon, NY.

Libraries and History Centers

Aberdeen Public Library, Aberdeen, WA.

Church of the Latter Day Saints, Vera and Myron McChurin, Volunteers, Lawton, OK.

Lawton Public Library, Lawton, OK.

Oklahoma City Public Library, Oklahoma City, OK.

Palmyra Kings Daughters' Free Library, Tom Prittie, Palmyra, New York.

Pine Bluff Public Library, Pine Bluff, AR.

Sherman Research Center, Alonzo Joseph Sherman, Oscoda, MI.

Timberline Public Library, Olympia, WA.

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