Woody Family Photos

Woody Family Photos


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All Photos on this page have been graciously shared by Robert Woody

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Harry Woody (Standing)


Will Danks (Seated)

Will Danks was a brother of Maude Danks, Harry Woody's wife. It seems likely to me that this was taken before my grandparents marriage, as Harry and Will look like eligible bachelors.   Ca. 1900

                                            Robert Woody



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Cynthia Woody

Ca. 1900


Cynthia was the youngest child of Joseph Henry and Louisa Wright Woody, b. ca. 1878



Four Sons

The Four Surviving Sons of Joseph Henry and Louisa Wright Woody, ca. 1890.


Jerome (seated left)Walter (seated right)

Harry (standing left)Henry (standing right)

Walter, married Kathryne Heckler; Jerome, married May Freidenberg;
Harry, married Maude Danks; Henry, married Ella Broderson.



5 Daughters

The Five Daughters of Joseph Henry and Louisa Wright Woody. It seems likely that this photo was taken at the same time as the one above, but note that Cynthia (standing right) was one or two years younger than Harry, but here she looks at least five years older than Harry!

Seated: Lucy (l), married William Alloway; Mary (r), married Charles
Standing: Sarah (Sadie,l), married Harvey Nolin; Marcella (c, Sully),
married Albert Wilson; Cynthia (r), never married.



Maude Danks

Maude Danks


At the time of her marriage to Harry Woody

Photo taken August 19, 1903, her
wedding day and her 24th birthday, in her wedding dress.


Woody Family Record


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