Family Stories

Family Stories


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Woody Family Stories

by Mike Woody

  For those fortunate enough to reach an elder age, a natural time will occur to reflect and reaffirm the validity of their life's journey. Listen to what they have to say (I did some listening but did not document). This is their time to show us that through all the mistakes and pain, there was also joy and happiness. When we write these stories down it helps us put into perspective what we may have gained and lost as a family or culture.

  There is a rich harvest in reading the many tales of life and travels peculiar to our family. They provide the vehicle by which traditions and values are transferred through the generations. No matter the story line or the length of the yarn, these accounts contain our Woody heritage.

  In our world today we hurry from one thing to another and sometimes get a feeling of vacancy. Stories of our Woody legacy can fill us.

  Please take the time to listen when Grandma reflects. It wouldn't hurt to encourage her a bit either.

By claiming our past..............We can see the future


You are welcome to send us your stories to share. Also, if you find writings on the world wide web with reference to a Woody or two please, send in the URL and we will include that link here on this page.

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Woody Family Tales

Submitted by Michael A. Woody

1. Elizabeth (Allen) Dixon

2. Joseph Looney Woody

3. Texas Woody's

4. Samuel (Sr) Woody




The Woody Family Record

Originally Compiled by William Hampton Woody in 1915

Updated in 1946 by Mark Woody and Edna Ross

Submitted by

Robert Woody Fort Collins, Colorado

  1. The Woody Family Record by Robert Woody

  2. Credits and Introduction

  3. A History of the name "Woody"

  4. Letters

  5. Explanation

  6. Part I    Joseph thru 399-A

                       400 thru 499-A   500 thru 599-A   600-699-A

                        700 thru 799-A  800 thru 891-A

  1. Part II    Joseph thru 99-B  100 thru 199-B  200-299-B

                        300 thru 418-B

Photos   Submitted by Robert Woody

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"Our Southern Sons"

John Wesley and Josiah Woody

A story of one Woody family during the Civil War


Arthur WOODY   "The Ranger"          Atlanta Constitution 10-29-75

Prayer for Rain by ALFRED H. WAITE            Lincoln Beacon


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