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These are some basic research links

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Some of these are not Woody specific but  are Woody helpful

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General Genealogy Links
Georgia Civil War Links
Native American Links



The Quaker Collection

Jerry F Richmond, Downers Grove, IL

Click on "Search the Collection" and enter Woody

Tyne Woody Cabin

Text Files


Cemetery   Photographs and Story by Jinnis Woody Wright


Massachusetts Citations

List of Freemen, Massachusetts Bay Colony, from 1630 to 1691


Georgia Civil War Links

Georgia Links


Georgia Records Online
University of Georgia Interlibrary Loan Information
Georgia Resources at RootsWeb
Georgia at RootsWeb
About North Georgia
Georgia GenWeb
1895 Georgia Map
Georgia Genealogy Forum
Suches,  Georgia          "Valley Above the Clouds"
Union County Georgia
Fannin County Georgia
Lumpkin County Georgia
Georgia Department of Archives and History
Conrad Raburn Woody Family Cemetery
Fannin County, Georgia


Kansas Links

General Genealogy Links


      Native American Links

Genealogy Information!
"Concerning Native American Indian Ancestry!"
U.S. Department of the Interior

Uganawvkalvgv Kituwah Ayeli


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