The Wickersham Family in America

reetings and welcome. If you are a Wickersham genealogist, we hope you will find this site to be a valuable resource. Our goal is to act as a clearing house for Wickersham information to facilitate your family history search. You will also find information here about our new book, The Wickersham Family in America, currently available from Heritage Books, Inc.

It has been our goal to make available to everyone the information we have gathered during the past 25 years of research on the Wickersham family. The best and most lasting way to do this seemed to be to publish a book of the work. Widespread distribution of the book will help to insure that the Wickersham story is available to future generations. This has been a labor of love by volunteer Wickersham genealogists who have given freely of their time, talents, and resources for many years to compile the book. We are grateful to so many individuals who have spent so much time and energy on Wickersham family history at their own expense to make this book possible.

You will find on this site information from the book on Thomas the immigrant who came to Chester County, Pennsylvania from England in 1700 with his new wife and three children from a previous marriage. It was from this small beginning that the Wickershams of America began their American saga. We hope you will take this information and enjoy it.

Also, on the site, you will find a list of the surnames associated with the Wickersham family, photographs of Wickershams, links and a vital records repository. We welcome your submissions of additional photos and vital records. (Please note that submission does not guarantee acceptance.) As time permit we hope to also add bits of Wickersham history, especially about famous Wickersham family members.

In addition, we administer the Wickersham Message Boards at Rootsweb/ We hope you will take full advantage of this query board where you can make contact with other Wickersham researchers.

Even if you are not a serious genealogist we believe you will enjoy the book and this website. We bid you "Welcome".