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"... that these dead shall not have died in vain ..."
- Abraham Lincoln, 11-19-1863

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American Revolutionary War
(1775 - 1783)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Andrew Mathias WHITAKER (b.1754-d.1836) Brunswick Corp
Benjamin WHITACRE (b.1750-d.1812)  
Edward Stacy WHITACRE (b.1761-d.1840)  
John B. WHITACRE (b.1760-d.1851)  
Joseph WHITACRE (b.1747-d.1832) 15th Regiment, VA
Joshua WHITACRE (b.~1744-d.1830)  


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United States Civil War
(1861 - 1865)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Clark K. WHITAKER   123rd NY Volunteers, Col McDougullin Commanding, Union, Company G, Private, Greenwich NY, (served 09/01/1862 to 09/19/1863), died in hospital at Alexandria, VA of typhoid fever.
David Caleb WHITACRE (b.1848-d.1902) 13th Ohio Cavalry, Company H
Dorsey WHITACRE (b.1831-d.1894) Confederate
Eli Bell WHITACRE (b.1835-d.1901) Union
Harmon Fagin WHITACRE (b.1824-d.1907) Union, Captain
Isaac Franklin WHITAKER   7th Michigan.  Info submitted by Nancy.
Jacob G. WHITACRE (b.1840-d.unk) 110th Regiment, OH, Company H
James Madison WHITACRE (b.1834-d.1864)  
Jesse WHITACRE (b.1833-d.1920) Union, 146th Infantry, OH
John Replogle WHITACRE (b.1838-d.1927) 152nd Regiment, OH  &  156th Infantry, IN
Jonathan Roberts WHITACRE (b.1828-d.1900) 69th Regiment, Richmond KY, Company E
Joshua WHITACRE (b.1835-d.1865)  
Leroy WHITAKER (b.1835-d.1901) 83rd NY Volunteers, Company D, Private, Union (served 09/1863 to 04/25/1864), Cambridge NY.
123rd NY Infantry, Company A, Private, (served 09/03/1864 to 06/08/1865), discharged at Washington DC.
Perry WHITACRE   17th Ohio Infantry, Company E
Prestly WHITACRE (b.1838-d.1870) 17th Ohio Infantry, Company E
Robert Baldwin WHITACRE (b.1842-d.1821) 110th Regiment OH, Company H
Robert Enoch WHITACRE/AKER (b.1832-d.1902)  
Snowden WHITACRE (b.1828-d.1904)  
William Bye WHITACRE (b.1829-d.1910) TX State Militia, Capt. Pugh's Company
William M. WHITACRE (b.1833-d.1862)  
Zebulan WHITAKER   Info submitted by Mandy.


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World War I
(1914 - 1918)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Buren WHITAKER   Info submitted by Mandy.
Charles Bye WHITACRE   36th Division, TX.  He fought in France, and was behind the lines when the Armistis was signed.
Charles Edward WHITACRE (b.1889-d.unk) Rank: Private.  He fought in the Argonne Forest, and was gassed in the trenches.
Echols WHITAKER   Info submitted by Mandy.
Walter WHITACRE   Was gassed, which troubled him the rest of his life.  Info submitted by Daniel Whitacre.
William Orville WHITACRE   Served in France.


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World War II
(1939 - 1945)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Bradford H. WHITACRE (b.1919-d.2000) Brad served in the Ohio National Guard, and at the age of 19 enlisted in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  Following Flight Training as a pilot, he flew a B-25 across the Atlantic to Cairo, Egypt, and thereafter participated in 50 combat missions in North Africa and Sicily flying B-25's in support of their campaigns, as part of the 12th Bomb Group, better known as "The Earthquakers".  He was one of the pilots who bombed Monte Casino while Robert Kenneth Whitacre (listed below) was serving in the ground forces under Patton.
Brad's memorial service was held on Saturday, May 20, Armed Forces Day in Melbourne, FL where he died. The Honor Guard from Patrick Air Force Base, FL attended the service and presented the flag to his wife.  Info submitted by his son:  Bill Whitacre.
Denzil WHITACRE   Denzil was among the troops that landed on D-Day.  Info submitted by Daniel Whitacre.
Ewing Oscar WHITEKER   Served in WWII.
George Kampman WHITACRE (b.1924-d.1987) Served in WWII.
George Shirley WHITACRE (b.1918-d.1998) Fought in WWII.  Info submitted by Daniel Whitacre.
James W WHITACRE d.1986 Navy.  Info submitted by Patsy Nelson.
Joseph Dayton WHITACRE   Navy.  Joseph served from 1944 to 1945. He was onboard the USS Ringgold, and served in the Pacific and took part in the invasion of two islands.
Lewis Albert WHITACRE (b.1922-d.1976) Navy.  Lewis served as a lieutenant.  He was a scout pilot in the pacific.  Info submitted by his grand-daughter:  Karen Henderson.
Mary C WHITACRE (living) WACS.  Joined from Centerville, IA.   Info submitted by Patsy Nelson.
Melvin Foster WHITACRE (b.unk-d.1944) MM3:  killed in action on the USS Houston off the coast of Formosa while serving in the US Navy.
Paul Vernon WHITACRE (living) Navy.
Richard Allen WHITAKER (living) USMC.  Richard served in the Pacific Theatre with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 29th Marines, Sixth Marine Division.  He participated in the landing on Okinawa Shima on April 1, 1945.  Richard was wounded on Sugar Loaf Hill on May 18, 1945 and was honorably discharged in May 1946.  He now lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Info submitted by Dick Whitaker.
Robert Kenneth WHITACRE (b.1920-d.1972) Rank:  Staff Sergeant.  Robert served under Patton in North Africa during Operation Torch.  As well, he was in the invasion of Sicily, and served all the way up the Italian boot, to include Anzio.  He was there when Monte Casino was bombed.  During his service he was wounded four times, for which he received the Purple Heart and appropriate oak clusters.
Robert Tebbs WHITACRE (living) Navy Rank:  Firecontrolman.  Robert served from 1943 to 1945.  He was onboard the USS Omaha, and served in the South Atlantic, Mediterranean area, and the invasion of Southern France.
Thomas L WHITACRE d.1987 Navy.  Joined from Kansas City, MO.   Info submitted by Patsy Nelson.
William G WHITACRE   Joined in California.  His airplane was shot down over the Celebes Island.  The government listed him as missing in action until 1945 when he was finally declared dead.  Info submitted by Patsy Nelson.


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Korean War
(1950 - 1953)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Donald B WHITACRE (living) Army.  Joined paratroopers from Centerville, IA.  Info submitted by Patsy Nelson.
Fred WHITAKER, Jr.   Info submitted by Mandy.
Ronald WHITACRE (living) USMC, Purple Heart.


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Vietnam War
(1961 - 1975)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Daniel Earl WHITACRE (living) Army.  Daniel joined the Army in September of 1968, received training as a machinist, and served 18 months in Vietnam.   Info submitted by Daniel Whitacre.
Richard Meril WHITACRE (living) Army.  Info submitted by Michael Whitacre.


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Desert Storm / Persian Gulf
(1990 - 1991)

Veteran's Name Birth - Death Comments
Chad WHITACRE (living) Info submitted by John Whitacre.
John David WHITACRE (living) At one point during the war, his troop went to a hospital to help innocent suffering children, and he got lost and was not found until a day later.  Info submitted by Phillip.
Richard Meril WHITACRE (living) Army.  Info submitted by Michael Whitacre.
Ronald Alvin WHITACRE (living) 85th Evac Hospital out of Ft. Lee, VA


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This is only a partial list of Whitacre / Whitaker descendants
that served our country during wartime.
Some gave their lives ... some were lucky enough to go home to their families.

If you know of any Whitacre / Whitaker's that SERVED in these or any other wars
and you would like to see them listed here,
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