The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., April 23, 1908, page 6


     Everyone in the city and valley should write a personal letter to their friends in other cities in the state, asking them to vote for the Hood River county bill at the June election. It will do a lot of good, and it will get votes which might otherwise be lost. While there is no direct opposition to the bill from any source, yet enough votes may be lost through indifference in parts of the state where they are not interested to defeat the measure. We cannot afford to take any chances, but must secure every vote possible. Copies of the arguments submitted to the voters in favor of the measure are being printed and can be obtained by application to the secretary of the Commercial Club. Those who have personal friends in other cities should send leaflets to them and try and solicit their support, not only their own vote, but ask them to work for the bill. There is a disposition in many quarters to vote against all initiative measures which are not thoroughly understood, or in which they have no interest, and systematic and persistent efforts will be needed to overcome this vote. Explain to your friends why it is necessary to carry this local measure before the people of the state, tell them that there is no objection to the bill in Wasco county, even outside of Hood River, and it will make many votes for the bill which might otherwise be lost.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer