The Oregon Journal, Portland, OR., June 26, 1958, page 12

By Bob Hall

     HOOD RIVER, June 26. -- Hood River county, smallest in Oregon, opened a two-week golden anniversary celebration Wednesday with special ceremonies at the newly refurbished county historical museum. The county fixes its existence from the first meeting of the county court, June 24, 1908.
     Working in harmony with the Oregon Centennial com-mission, the county intends to carry its 50-year observance into the state's centennial year activities. The present two-week observance, however, is to be the area's own anniversary "party."
     A special guest as the local historical society opened the doors of its redecorated reorganized museum was Mike Haggerty, Portland, state historical society official and assistant co-ordinator for the state centennial commission. Besides the museum opening, held on the county's official birthdate, other anniversary activities will coincide with its first county-wide event, a huge picnic held July 4, 1908. To mark that celebration, Hood River residents are planning a major picnic and outing this July 4 at Parkdale in the upper end of Hood River county.
     The final major event will be a "public outing" on Mount Hood's Eliot glacier, arranged and supervised by the Crag Rats, local mountain rescue organization, July 6. The Crag Rats have invited all interested groups, tourists and Northwest residents, to join the glacial hike. Eliot glacier, a major Mount Hood ice field, has the advantage of a relatively safe surface for supervised climbing, with interesting geologic and scenic aspect.

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