The Dalles Weekly Chronicle, The Dalles, OR., October 19, 1906, page 1

West End Preparing for a Campaign of Division of Wasco County at the Coming Session of the Legislature.
New County Line Drawn Just East Of Hood River
Ex-Representative Jayne Will Organize the "Third House" and Work Through the Lobby at Salem -- Mosier and Mountains to be Left Out

     Hood River still cherishes dreams of Cascade county, and according to a dispatch to the Portland Journal, is preparing for another division fight at the coming session of the legislature. The dispatch states that conditions have so changed that there will not be the opposition to the measure which was responsible for its defeat at the last session.
     The dispatch further states that Mr. Jayne, who was the county's champion at the last session, dropped out of the legislature this time because the people of Wasco county nominated another man to take his place, and he therefore will not be present in the house to lead struggle to place Cascade county on the map. But he will be in Salem, so the friends of the measure say, and will try in a quiet way to convince other legislators that the county is a necessity. In other words he will organize the lobby, or "third house" on the proposition.
     Mosier is to be left out of the new county this time, so it is said, and the line will be drawn just east of Hood River. This will still leave Wasco county some railroad track to draw taxes from and at the same time it will not take away so much valuable land and will leave the mountains mostly for Wasco to deprive her revenue from. It is hoped by this more equitable division to placate some of the former opponents of the new county and make its creation more certain.
     The Journal also quotes Senator Whealdon on the portage extension and other matters which will come up at the coming session. According to Senator Whealdon it will cost something like $60,000 to make the extension of four miles, as the work is now planned, and Senator Whealdon says that it will be the endeavor of the Wasco delegation to father the measure when it is brought before the legislature and make strenuous attempts to carry it through.
     It is not of necessity a Wasco measure, Senator Whealdon says, but will be of far more advantage to the whole of the eastern district than to The Dalles. It will be for the good of the state, however, and since its location identifies it with The Dalles, Wasco will adopt the measure and foster it.
     The Dalles has signified its willingness to wade in the of erection of all docks and station buildings needed at the western terminus and to provide a find for their maintenance after they have been arrested.
     Senator Whealdon will also champion the jute bag measure, which is undoubtedly to be a feature of the session and will provide for a state jute bag factory at the penitentiary. Another thing of interest to Wasco will be the enactment of an irrigation code, though his will be more for the direct good of the eastern counties than of Wasco county, Hood River being the only part of the county where there are any irrigation projects.

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