Elmer Rand family.
The people shown were not identified.
Can you help?

Portrait is courtesy of Hood River County Historical Museum

The following photographs are of members of the Martin Van Buren Rand family,
and are courtesy of his great-granddaughter Maridale Moore.
(posted March 2008)

Lowell Horning and
Martin Van Buren Rand


Arthur Rand


Jason, Edna, Arthur and Bertha.


Pine Grove School between 1891 and 1894.
It was located on the Edward Feak property.

back row, l. to r. - teacher Bertha Johnson, Carrie Boardman, Maria Mohr, Ben Lage, Roy Jackson, Tillie Mohr, Anna Mohr, Bill Boardman, Laura Lage, Maybrey Jackson, Perry Wells, John Henry Mohr, Orin Johnson.
front row, l. to r. - Minnie Paasch, Elsie Wells, Mary Probst, Frank Boardman, Peter Henry Mohr, Lizzie Paasch, Fred Paasch, Elmer Boardman, Byron Robinson, Burnette Duncan, Peter J. Mohr, Ed Lage, Warren Wells.


Long Beach to Sawtell 1907
Edna M. Rand age 10, Lowell, Elizabeth Feak Rand,
Martin Van Buren Rand (with beard), and Lulu behind children.


The Rand Family.
Back row: Bert, Jason and Harvie
Middle row: Minnie (Clelland) and Lucy (Harbison)
Front row: Lulu, Martin, and Elizabeth


Bertha Rand (Jason's wife), and a couple
identified only as Octavia and John ____.
Does anyone know who they are?


Edward and Marian Feak.


Elizabeth Feak Rand.

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