The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., April 10, 1925, page 1


     While the projected formation of a union high school district, embodying several districts of the lower valley, lost by the narrow margin of four districts to three, the actual standing of the individual votes gave the project a majority of 16 in favor. Until late on Friday night, the verdict was in the balance, until it was definitely ascertained that the small district of Viento, which polled but nine votes, had favored the negative, with the result that the proposed union high school district had been definitely put to sleep for the present.
     To the man or woman who did not enter into the heat of the contest, the outcome did not occasion any surprise, for outside of the small groups comprising the "Ayes" and "Noes," there was little ambition for the project -- or for any project with which necessitates a bond issue. The fact is that, until the orchard business is attended by less of the downs and more of the ups than in recent years, it is not going to be easy to secure a workable majority for any project which necessitates a bond issue, especially in the rural districts.
     The four districts which returned a negative verdict were: Pine Grove 126-66, Frankton, 43-26, Viento, 7-2 and Barrett, 83-62. For the union high school district were: Hood River, 256-176, Oak Grove, 61-12, Wyeth, 13-3.
     That vote for directors by district were as follows:
     Hood River: C.A. Reed, 184; Dr. V.R. Abraham, 147; Pine Grove, E.E. Lage, 88, A.W. Peters, 50; Oak Grove, Arvo Hukari, 59; Frankton, Mrs. Wm. Skene, 30, Ed. Miller, 15; Wyeth, Mrs. Sara Rasmussen 14; Barrett, C. King Benton, 87.
     The total vote compiled by the candidates for the board of directors in the combined districts is: C. King Benton, 558, Arvo Hukari 522; A.W. Peters 356; Mrs. Wm. Skene 336, Dr. V.R. Abraham 334, C.A. Reed 309, E.E. Lage 289, Ed. Miller 282 and Mrs. Sara Rasmussen 215.
     It is conceded that the problem now reverts back to the board of directors of School District No. 3, which will still have to contend with an ever-increasing number of students to the city high school and lack of accommodation. While there is some talk of excluding the students from certain districts, it is believed that some other means of meeting the situation will be evolved during the time that must elapse before the union high school project is again presented to the voters.

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