The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, May 5, 1933, page 2

Cascade Locks Citizens Will Work Toward Improvement of Columbia

     Word has just been received here that Cascade Locks, where 45 years ago interest in the Columbia centered because of Cascade Locks, has just formed the Cascade Civic club, the membership of which will devote its energies to all matters of interest to that section. W.J. Carlson, secretary of the new club, writes that his organization will center its energy at present on Columbia river development.
     Plans call for a meeting of the Cascade Locks civic body and river workers from The Dalles and Hood River on the first Friday in June.
     When the Cascade Locks were under construction, that place was one of the most bustling centers of the mid-Columbia. Many of the people who formerly lived there removed, when the project was completed, to The Dalles or Hood River. I.D. Perkins resided at the Locks in the days when work was underway there. As a small boy he delivered Oregonians. The late H.P. Hillstrom, who formerly resided in the Middle Valley, was a stone masons' helper on the Cascade Locks work.
     Before the Locks were constructed, the portage around the Cascades and rapids caused Cascade Locks to become one of the Pacific northwest's first settlements. In the 50s Klickitat Indians attempted a massacre of those at Cascades settlement. General Sheridan, then a lieutenant at Vancouver Barracks was dispatched with troops to put down the red rising, and the steamer Mary brought soldiers down the river from the military reservation at The Dalles.

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