The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., February 23, 1940, page 1

Area Was Set Aside Fifty Years Ago

     To assist with their maintenance fund, the Butte Cemetery Association members are putting on a chicken dinner at the Pine Grove church parlors at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 24. The committee assures there is to be a real feed with lemon pie to "top off" and the charge is only twenty-five cents per plate. The support of all the friends of the members and all community spirited person will be appreciated by these people.
     Fifty-one years ago this month Virgil (Doc) Winchell and his young wife Margaret (Maggie Knapp) deeded the old Neal-Winchell family burial grounds to a board of trustees "forever to be used as a public burial ground." About the same time and they set the ground aside for the present church "for purpose of a church."
     Immediately they, with the assistance of D.A. Turner, Hans (Father) Lage, R.E. Harbison, Sam Harbison, John Monroe and a few others organized an association for cemetery purposes with D.A. Turner the first president and John Monroe, secretary. The group chose the name Butte Cemetery Association for their organization and one of the rules laid down was that their meetings should always be held in the little church near the burial grounds. Another was that "the last Saturday in February is forever to be the annual electoral meeting."
     For some twenty years these grounds were consistently used then as better, more modern grounds were built up by the new citizens which flocked to this country near the beginning of this century, this old pioneer burial place fell into disuse and became badly neglected.
     During the past several years, the sons and daughters of those early organizers resurrected the old rules, modernized them as much as they could and still retain as much as practical of the original plans. The grounds have been reclaimed. Once more the little piece of "Gods Acre" at the foot of Van Horn Butte "belongs". Once more the use and beautification of this peaceful resting spot is a community enterprise.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer