The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., August 29, 1930, page 1

Hospital Association To Meet Wishes Of People
Donation of Chautauqua site by City Council Would Reserve Large Outlay on New Ground and Would Mean Bigger and Better Hospital - Old Building has Outlived Purpose and is Fire Hazard

     The Hospital Association, in its plans to build a modern hospital for the mid-Colombia region, is only meeting a very definite demand from its 300 or more members and the general public, states Mace Baldwin, at this week's meeting of the Hood River Rotary Club. When the present building was acquired, he said, it was arranged to meet the requirements of local doctors for their patients, but it was not long before the number of patients exceeded the small number of rooms present, and for several years, there has been a persistent demand for better hospital facilities. The present building is poorly arranged for hospital purposes, as might be expected from a building constructed 25 years ago for residential purposes, and the grave danger of fire has given directors much to think about.
     It was first planned to build another new unit on the two lots adjoining the hospital and which were purchased with that object in view. But there was so much opposition to the plan that it was dropped. Then the Batchelders offered their property on State street at $12,000, and said they would take the hospital and lots in at $5,000, which would mean that the association would pay $7,000 for the site, and have to construct entirely new buildings. Then came the suggestion that the old chautuaqua grounds be utilized, a suggestion that has been endorsed by many. Going into the finances of a new hospital, the association was forced to the conclusion that it could offer the public the most for the money available but utilizing the site and when it found that the city council was willing to turn over part of this property at a nominal figures, it fell in with the idea.
     Several days will elapse, said Mr. Baldwin, before it will be definitely settled that the chautuaqua ground will be the site for the new hospital, but, once a decision has been reached every effort will be made to build the hospital as early as possible and make it available to the public.
     John R. Duckwall, apple shipper, was initiated as newest member of the Rotary club and will wear the emblem of the baby member of the organization for the present.

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