The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., June 10, 1921, page 1


     Another landmark in the development of Hood River county will be available for all to see when the Columbia Gorge hotel, built by Simon Benson, and to be operated by Henri Thiele, will be open to the public. It was expected that the hotel would be ready to receive guests this week end but it was decided to wait a few days and have everything in readiness.
     One of the big feature of this hotel will later be its beautiful grounds. Today, the surroundings do not harmonize with the handsome building, but under the supervision of E.E. Newell, Hod River's city engineer, they will be soon transformed by the Transfer & Livery Co. who have secured the contract for the grading and other work, into a park worthy of the finest tourist hotel in the west. In addition to driveways and walks, lawns are to be a feature and the adornment of the ground, will be on a lavish scale yet in keeping with the. artistic scheme carried out in the hotel building. Another feature will be a veranda and balustrade which will enable visitors to secure a splendid view of the falls, which drop off over the perpendicular cliff on the edge of which one side of the hotel is built.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer