The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., November 29, 1906, page 1

No Opposition After Situation Is Explained and Residents Find Taxes Will Be Lower

     The petitions for county division are being rapidly signed and the Commercial club has every reason to believe that there will be no difficulty in getting a large majority of the residents in the proposed new county to declare in favor of it.
     Many who made opposition to it before are now in favor of it and have not only signed a petition but have voluntarily offered to work for the movement. When shown that the tax levy will not be any higher and will probably be lower than under the administration of the old county they say that all objections to the creation of the new county is removed and that they are unreservedly for it. Petitions have been sent to the districts interested and reports received from them on the effect that little, if any real opposition, is being manifested after a little inquiry or investigation is made as to the estimated expense of establishing the county government.
     In order that the club may be informed as to the exact progress of the work of circulating and signing petitions it is proposed to hold a meeting of the committee appointed to circulate petitions Saturday, December 1, when reports will be received and those districts which have not been covered will be canvassed and the residents given an opportunity to sign.
     It is requested that as many as possible attend the meeting and bring with them any who are interested, whether they have signed or not, in order that they may be fully informed on any points that they do not understand.
     The attitude of the people toward the movement is very pleasing to the members of the club and the committee who are working with them, inasmuch as they taking hold of the question in a popular spirit in which everybody is working, as one member of the club expresses it, including father.
     Offers of assistance have also been received from property owners at Hood River who live out of town and who are very enthusiastic for the new county.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer