The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., January 26, 1905, page 2


     The encouraging news from Salem is gratifying. We hope the results of the vote in the house today will show it has been passed by that body. It is said by many that if the measure meets with success in the house it will have little difficulty in passing the senate.
     A new county means prestige and progress for Hood River. The voters here stand as a unit for Cascade county. A few were not strongly in favor of it at first, fearing it made mean increased taxes. A little explanation dispelled this fear. There will be no need to erect public buildings for years to come, or not until, as the people of Sherman county did, we find a surplus in the treasury.
     A glance at the salaries to be paid the new officials, as it shows in another column, indicates there will be a great saving in this matter, and there is every reason to believe we can conduct our affairs much more economically than can the office-holders at The Dalles.
     The Dalles has fought us tooth and toe-nail, and a disgraceful part of the proceedings is the way the county officials left their work at The Dalles to do all in their power to see that Wasco county remained intact, in order that their fat salaries may not be curtailed. Should we fail yet to get our new county, Hood River will not forget how the county officials sought to hog it all.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer