The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., March 22, 1906, page 6


     Below will be found a well written and businesslike article espousing the cause of the new county which contains arguments in its favor that cannot be assailed. It is as follows:
     Editor Glacier: Since political discussions are in order, a few words on the situation may not be amiss. For the past 15 years the people of Hood River valley have been to a greater or less extent discussing the proposition of creating a new county out of the western portion of Wasco county. The topography of the county, the industries and climatic conditions are such that our interests are some what at variance with the eastern portion of Wasco county. Taxpayers are also well aware of the fact that there has also been an almost steady increase in valuations and consequently a larger tax in this end of the said county for a number of years past, nor have we any assurance that this tax increasing process will be lessened in the future. We believe that we are big enough and strong enough to walk alone and at no greater expense, to say the least, than if we remain a part of said county. In fact we feel confident that we can carry on the business of Cascade county if it should be created, at a less expense than if we stay in the present county, especially if we take into consideration the benefits we would receive by having our county business attended to at the town of Hood River, Oregon.
     We should not need an expensive court house for several years to come, nor would we need to pay as large salaries to the incumbents of the county offices in the new county as they are receiving at this time. Of course, I believe that the laborer is worthy of his hire, but the work in some departments would be less, for some time to come, in the new county.
     Have we know local pride? Can we not see that county headquarters located at Hood River would bring in and keep more money in circulation right here at home? The city of Hood River now has a population of nearly 2000. It will continue to grow for many years in influence and wealth. The valley of Hood River will further add to its world renowned reputation for the production of the finest apples and strawberries. Its health-giving climate, it's flowing springs of the purest water, its panoramic view of mountains and rivers is a soul-inspiring delight as well as those who live within its borders.
     Mr. Editor, I am in favor of and will vote for Hon. A.A. Jayne for representative in the lower house of the Oregon legislature. I will vote for him because I believe he can do more towards creating a new county for us than any other man we can send on this missive. Yours truly,

J.W. Morton.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer