Lyle Native-American Cemetery
Located in Section 29, Township 3, Range 12
Located off the left rear corner of the Lyle-Balch Cemetery.
Cemetery was 1st walked in December 1998 by Jeffrey L. Elmer

Burial List & Obituaries
SURNAME, Given Birth Date Death Date
CLOUD, Betty Ann   
b. May-18-1971  
d. Jan- 6-1942
CLOUD, George Jr.   
b. Oct-28-1953  
d. Aug-27-1970
CLOUD, George
b. Feb-25-1913  
d. Jun-21-1983 
CLOUD, Herbie M.   
unreadable funeral 
home marker
CLOUD, Lanata   
4 mos. 3 days
d. Sep-02-1935
CLOUD, Martin H.   
b. May-12-1955  
d. Aug-12-1955
CLOUD, Marjiey   
b. Oct-13-1939  
d. Jul-26-1940
CLOUD, Ralph   
b. Jul-02-1958  
d. Dec-17-1958
CLOUD, Russell D.   
b. Dec-30-1949  
d. Mar-06-1971 
COD, George Jr.   
b. Oct-28-1953  
d. Aug-27-1970
COD, Mary S.   
b. Apr-15-1913  
d. Mar-12-1975
COD, Russell D.   
b. Dec-30-1949  
d. Mar-06-1971
LESLIE, Kirsty Ann
b. Oct-05-1988  
d. Oct-13-2008 
LESLIE, Theeda Marie   
b. May-03-1992  
d. Nov-25-1992
MARTINEZ, Christopher B.   
b. May-02-1968  
d. Aug-28-1986
McCONVILLE, Roger S.   
b. Jul-17-1976  
d. May-01-1977 
SPINO, Delcie M.   
b.           -1968  
d. Jul-25-1978
SPINO, Delores Joyce
b. Jan-30-1936  
d. Feb-07-2002
SPINO, Jimmy Jr.   
b. Dec-14-1961  
d. Dec-14-1985
SPINO, twins
d. Apr-22-1969
STAHI, Albert   
b.           -1912
d.           -1950
STAHI, Eugene Johnson   
d. Jan-21-1945
STAHI, George   
b.           -1908
d.           -1926
STAHI, Martin   
b.           -1893
d. Mar-  -1928
STAHI, Mattie S.   
b.           -1883
d. Sep-28-1971
STAHI, Minnie S.   
b.           -1883
d.             -1923
STAHI, Peter   
b.           -1889
d. Jul-  -1931
STAHI, Rodger   
b. Apr-15-1951  
d. Sep-30-1951
STAHI, Wilson   
b.           -1911
d.           -1931
THOMAS, George 
d. Mar-  -1928
WILKINSON, Esther Lillian  
b. Jan-27-1933  
d. Apr-30-1990
WILKINSON, Margaret N.   
b. 19y 11m 18d  
d. Aug-12-1979  
WILKINSON, Vanessa F.   
b. Jul-24-1958  
d. Apr-20-2000

There are several graves that appear to be for children, which are unmarked. 

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer