The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., May 26, 1921, page 2


     J.P. O'Brien, general manager of the O.W.R. & N. Co., who was taken Tuesday by J.H. Fredricy for an inspection of the new Columbia Gorge Hotel, expressed surprise at the magnitude of the tourist resort and the elaborate plans of S. Benson and Henri Thiele for the entertainment of motor tourists.
     "It was a revelation to me," said Mr. O'Brien, "for the resort structure is truly wonderful, and in my opinion is going to be a great asset to the Hood River valley. Not only did the big resort hotel surprise me, but I was astonished at the developments that are being made all along the highway just west of your city limits. Numerous homes are going in and one's eyes are greeted by the evidence of a general spirit of progress."
     Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Fredricy were shown over the new hotel by Mr. Benson himself, whom they found working on the grounds of the hotel. He is spending most of his time at the resort of hostelry aiding in getting the place ready for guests in June.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer