The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., November 30, 1905, page 7


     The Cottage Hospital association has bought the large residence erected by S.H. Cox some time ago and it is the intention to transform it into a modern uptodate hospital.
     The association secured the property from Mr. Offield through the agency of Chas. Dano. Mr. Offield is a resident of Washington, living about 30 miles from Lewiston across this Idaho state line and bought the property originally as an investment.
     The new hospital management will remodel the interior of the building slightly in order to make it conform to the needs of an institution of this character. A laundry will be established in the large basement, where the kitchen will also be placed. On the first floor will be the offices and reception rooms. The operating room will occupy the front room of the second floor and will likewise contain a ward for patients. On the third floor the nurses and help in the hospital will have quarters. There will also be some rooms in the new hospital for private patients if they desire them.
     The building is admirably adapted to this purpose and can easily be made into a hospital that will be adequate to the needs of this city for some time to time. The back of the building commands a fine view of the Columbia river and the mountains in the background and there are two verandas located there on which patients could while away their enforced idleness very comfortably. The building is at present partly furnished and it is understood that the purchase included the furniture. It is now partly occupied, Mr. and Mrs. Otten having rooms on the first floor.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer