The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., June 24, 1932, page 1

Nearly 3000 Residents Of Mid-Columbia Make Tour Of Splendid Building Over Weekend
"Most Building For Money Ever Seen Here" Is Popular Comment

     Residents of all sections of the Mid-Columbia region last Saturday and Sunday vied one with another in voicing their praises of Hood River's new, modern, fireproof hospital and, because of their numbers, made two very busy periods for Mrs. J.E. Ferguson and E.O. Blanchar, who were on hand to welcome them to their first inspection of this beautiful building on May street.
     Business men and others had, with donations of flowers, converted the interior of the hospital into a colorful garden and a group of fair women, representing various organizations who have taken a part in the good work which has led up to the completion of this hospital, were on hand to explain the many details to the crowds of visitors.
     A pleasing feature were the many sincere expressions of appreciation of the kindly thought which prompted Miss Anna M. Spring to give the substantial donation, which was the nucleus of the hospital fund, and although Miss Spring was not present, she will be assured that this community is very grateful to her.
     A remark which was frequently heard from the crowds was: "There never has been more building for the money expended anywhere in Hood River," which is a nice tribute to the building committee, W.F. Shannon, T.J. Annala and E.R. Pooley and to the contractor L.C. Baldwin and his efficient crew. Also to architect Kelley, of Portland, under whose supervision the hospital was built.
     In addition to the rooms and beds furnished by local organizations, a list of which was published in last week's News, the County Teachers Association furnished an attractive baby's bath, while the Thursday bridge club furnished the waiting room.
     Within a few days, patients at the Oak street hospital will be moved to the new building, and the old hospital will be abandoned insofar as hospital purposes are concerned.
     "This is the third hospital that Hood River has had," commented Mrs. Alma Howe, after voicing her praises for the new building this week. Mrs. Howe, well-known for her kindly spirit over many years, recalls that the first hospital was the building on Paradise Farm, today a landmark of early days of Hood River. Or, rather, of the Hood River that was not. For when Drs. Adams and Littlefield built that hospital, a drug and general store, they had visions of making Paradise Farm the townsite. This hospital was built to accommodate members of the crew building the railroad, but after the railroad was completed, it was long used as a private residence.
     The hospital to be vacated in a few days was built for a residence by F. Cox, and was later taken over by a group of Hood River doctors for hospital purposes. Six years ago, it was acquired by the Hospital Association and, with all its faults and shortcomings has, under the able management of Miss Stampher and her corps of nurses, established an enviable record.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer